Monday 9 May 2011

Another "Sunshine" Day in Bruce County? Has "Spring" Actually Arrived?

I had a lovely "Mother's Day" celebration yesterday....other then puppy chores I did "absolutely nothing" but shop and go out for dinner.  I was finally true to myself by taking a "day off"!

I received a very "cute" e-card from my grandsons, Aiden and Connor, a phone call from my youngest son, Paul, and a personal Facebook message from my step-daughter, Sarah, yesterday.....all which just made my day that much more "perfect".

Rob had made reservations at one of our most favorite Chinese Restaurants in Owen Sound, the "Twin Dragon", where our Aunt Gladys and Uncle Basil joined us for a very good "feed" of Chinese buffet:

Trust me, this was as "good" as it looks in this picture.  Good food, good company.....what more could a "gal" want for on Mother's Day?  Oh.... "being waited on" and "no prep or cleanup", that was the icing to top off the cake !

Back to reality it is today !!! 

With the weather being so nice the past couple of days, I was very proud of myself by completing another "grid" in my one flower bed on Saturday:



Slowly but surely it will all come together....and the rewards will be "bountiful" in seeing all the plants rebound and take on a "new" life again.  LOL....I sure wish I could rebound and take on new life myself, as after this is done, there is four more flower beds to be attended to......

In conversation with my sister, Donna, last week I was telling her I started using my dishwasher more, as people had been telling me it was just as "cheap" then filling a sink with water to "wash" and running water to "rinse".  Actually it was my Uncle Basil who had said that, whom professes to be the "smartest man in Port Elgin" by the way, and was confirmed by a "Go Green Kitchen" article I had come across.

Anyway as the story goes, by telling Donna this, I continued on with saying, "Hydro was cheaper after 9:00 pm, so I started my dishwasher after this time".  Donna advised me, of what I had forgotten, the hydro "off peak" rates began May 1st !!!  Let me tell you how happy I was to know I could use cheaper Hydro from 7 PM until 7 AM instead of waiting until 9 PM.  Can you imagine working all day to come home after preparing a meal, children for bed.....and then starting laundry at 9:00 PM !!!!  That is INSANITY !!!

I also just recently learned I can go online to see exactly "how much" hydro I am using right then and there.   I haven't checked this out yet, but found out this morning how to get there at:

This Hydro One online page also explains the "Time of Use Rate Plan".  Who thought the day would come when we were dictated to on what time we washed dishes, bathed our children or did our laundry?  But then again, as one older gentleman put to me years ago, "who would have thought we would be buying water in a bottle?"  I hate to even begin to think what day and age my grandchildren will be entering into down the road.....

Best be checking out the weather forecast for today to see how my day will be "weatherwise":


Sunny. High 17. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Low plus 4.

Wow !!!  I truly think "Spring has finally arrived in Bruce County"  !!!  Whooooohoooooooo.......

Since I am really in "slow mode" here and having a difficult time clearing out my "brain fog", I had better go try seeing if another cup of Java will give me that much needed "kick start", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. don't get me stated on those bloody hydro rates!!!! Living in the "country" and being dinged with those outrageous "delivery" charges is just plain crazy.

    I can't wait until I get my new washer and dryer plumbed in, hopefully by project on the list, as it has a timer on it, so I will fill it at night and have it start for first thing in a morning before the rates go up.

    good post,



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