Tuesday 24 May 2011

Don't Tell Me We Are Going In Reverse? Brrrrrrrr.....

I certainly hope we are not about to go backwards into Winter, as it certainly felt like it when I was out with Bandit, Lexus & the "One & Only" this morning.

Brr.....a balmy 7 degrees Celsius without the windchill factor.

I suppose I should not worry too much about it being a "tad" chilly this morning, since I am sure there will be days in the, hopefully, near future, people will be complaining about the heat once again.  Since I have been planning my days around the weather lately, I best be checking in with the Wiarton Airport right off the bat:


Cloudy. Clearing late this afternoon. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light this morning. High 13 with temperature falling to 9 this afternoon. UV index 4 or moderate.



Clear. Low plus 4.

I like that word "clearing", and look forward to the time of day when it, or if, it occurs.  There are still four more flower beds to be tackled, not to mention a vegetable garden yet to be tilled and planted, as well as numerous outdoor "Spring" cleaning chores yet to be completed.  Phew.....bring on the good weather will ya please?

Everyone was making the "mad dash" home yesterday in the rain, either from a weekend of camping out or cottaging.   Rob took me to Sauble Beach to check out a garden center, and we only ran into a bit of traffic backup from our place until we turned off at the top of the North hill at Wiarton.

By the time we arrived at Sauble Beach the rain had subsided, thank goodness.  Sauble Beach wasn't too busy at all for a Holiday Monday, as I am sure the weather must have been a large factor in everyone making an early beeline for home.

This guy appeared to have the whole of Lake Huron all to himself, as we stopped to watch:

You certainly wouldn't catch me doing something like this.  I can imagine the amount of muscles this guy must have in his arms.  Mine would be pulled right off if I attempted such a feat.  LOL.

By the time made our way back home, the rain had stopped completely with the return of the sun. 

While I planted my annuals we had the "One & Only" out for a romp with his father, Bandit.

It is funny how they can be full of "piss & vinegar" one moment:

.....and so innocent the next:

By the time he settled down for this picture, I am sure Bandit had quite enough of him, and made no bones about telling us about it:

Ha,ha,ha.....I love the "smile" of my "Aussie" !!!!  It almost looks like he is saying to Rob, "will you get him off my back now?  I have had quite enough already" ! 

I don't know if it is the weather, lack of sleep, or overtaxing myself, but I have been feeling drained and exhausted the past few days.  I think I will go with the "weather", since us Canadians are notorious for blaming everything on the weather......lol. 

Since today is Rob's day off work, I will be at least be able to make the bed this morning.  That will be a plus for me, as I hate going into bed at night in an unmade bed.  Funny how we all have our little quirks about ourselves, is it not?  I think I should also try to tackle my kitchen floor before my socks start sticking to it as bad a fly sticking to flypaper.  That would be quite the sight I am sure.

Now that I have decided on those two things to do today, I am too exhausted to go any further with the rest of my day.  I think I will have another cup of Java to see if that will  give me the boost I need to carry on, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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