Thursday 5 May 2011

Tears Come So Easy When A "Child" Shows Their "Love"

Call me a very "emotional" person, and I suppose I really wouldn't mind, as I am.  Call me a person who "loves" her children so very much, and I would feel this to be the truth.  Call me a "sucker" for those mournful eyes of a dog looking up at me wagging it's tail, I would even own up to that.  Call me a "fill a bucket full of tears" person.....and I would say, "wouldn't you be too, if your "child" sent you a Mother's Day card that was true to your heart:

Mom ~

When I was growing up, I didn't realize how much you did for me, how hard it must of been for you sometimes.
But looking back, I can see the challenges you faced and the sacrifices you made to give me a better life. 
Most of all, looking back, I can see the love.
Thank you ~ for all you've done...for all you are...for what you'll always mean to me.

Happy Mother's Day

Signed:  Mom, reading this card reminds me of you!  Just seemed right to get it!  Have a wonderful day!
Love Paul

....and the tears are still flowing down my face even as I have typed it out.

My "Paul" is one of the best parts of my being.....through all the tears, disappointments, heartaches and headaches, of him with I, and I with him.  The two of us being the true part of each others lives, from the day he was born to this very day forward.  I am sure as he now looks back he feels what this card has said for him....and this realization "melts" my heart...... not without "tears" streaming down my face.

After only three hours sleep the night before, and the same this past certainly doesn't take too much to make me all swishy washy on the drop of a dime.....and if it feels "good", "swishy washy" I don't mind being.

The "Magnificent Seven" are now the "Terrific Two" !!!  The littlest and sweetest red tricoloured female, as well as the blue Merle male, with the most stunning "blue" eyes, go to their new forever homes next Thursday, after their appointment with their first needles at the Vet's.  Thanks John and Gina for referring these two amazing puppies, on my behalf, to their new "forever" homes. 

The remaining "Terrific Two" hopefully will not be feeling too left out for much longer....for they are both as equally amazing as the rest of their sisters and brothers who have already been choosen, each with their own "unique" personalities and "wonderful" dispositions.

I do realize I am partial to this breed, but truly even if I didn't own two of it's finest, I would still highly recommend this breed to any family wanting a dedicated, intelligent, loving family pet.

On a lighter note, a friend recently sent me such a very funny video.   I just "have" to share it:

"The Ultimate Dog Tease"

Omg !!!  I laughed so hard....I, once again, had tears running down my face.  I shake my head in wonderment on how people put such things together, as it is certainly beyond me.  LOL.

Since I was so sleep deprived yesterday, I had to turn down a supper invitation, which almost broke my heart, as I so look forward to going somewhere else to have supper prepared for me !!!  I hope I haven't ruined my chances, as I am sure I haven't, for a "rain check", because I don't care how tired I am I am not turning down the next invite if I can help it !

Last night's supper was very easy for me, as it turned out Rob barbequed homemade hamburgers.  They were totally "delish".  I had made them a couple of weeks ago and they were in the freezer ready to be taken out, partially thawed and cooked up for just a time like this......nothing like a "Homemade Burger" hot off the BBQ is "IKE" my "Kitchen Cat" presenting the "Best Ever Lean Burger":

My burger was totally moist and full of flavor; a definite 5 Star Burger in my books.......should anyone not have gotten the recipe from one of my earlier postings, it is also posted on "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook, or feel free by requesting it at:

My day ahead, so far, will be starting with the stripping my bedding for the wash, and individually deworming puppys, at which time after I am hoping the heavy frost has disappearred and the sun has warmed the air enough to go out to start some much needed pruning in the flower beds and of the raspberry canes.

I had best be checking this all out with the Wiarton Airport's weather forecast, as plans have been changed before based on the weather, right or wrong as it might be at times.....


           Sunny. High 14. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Increasing cloudiness before morning. Low plus 3.

"Sunny" all day!!!  Just what is needed to get my day going, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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