Monday, 24 February 2014

Pass The Salt Please?

I was up by 5:00 am this morning.  Not too bad of a night considering I had only been up two times throughout the whole night.  When our driver arrived to pickup the came I let Bandit out to greet him, right after that my brother called so I could send something along with him on his trip to Kitchener today.  I had to laugh when he had asked me if I was up .... not too often I find myself not awake and up at that hour of the morning.

I had to head out into the blustery morning towards Lake Huron and Sauble Beach to get another adjustment at the Chiropractor.  This is my very last attempt at trying something that will get rid of my Migraines and daily headaches.  If this does not work, I do NOT want to be asked to try one more thing.  I am truly tired of trying over and over some days for the same thing.  I might have to resort to the fact this is the way my body is and accept it.

The drive there was blustery, however clearer on the way home, where I found Rob changing the battery in our Van.  Always something, is it not?  All throughout the day the snow squalls continued.

Dr. Doug Fryday, the Chiropractor who I am seeing was telling me some of his patients purchase Epsom Salts at a Feed Store, declaring it was much cheaper there then at a Pharmacy, or Big Box Store.  

Rob & I have been cutting back on our sodium intake, but he didn't care for the No Salt I had bought to replace the Sea Salt.  This morning I picked up, on Rob's approval, some Half Salt & then a 50 lb bag of Epsom Salts at the Feed Store for a total of $20.00.  $20.00 compared to $8.00 for 2 kg anywhere else? that I call a great savings.  Remember 2 cups of Epsom Salts in your bath water is great to replenish your body with minerals and very good for people suffering with Arthritis, and now I have recently learned Fibromyalgia as well  (but I am a SHOWER GIRL !!! )  so pass the Salt Please???

While I was getting tonight's Dinner prepared, Rob was getting a whole lot of loving from Bandit.  He first takes you off guard with one of his big *smiles*, then goes in with the lick you to death method.

Dinner were T-Bone Steaks I had pulled out of the Freezer earlier today, along with leftover Basmati Rice and steamed Cauliflower.  Dinner was very much enjoyed by the both of us, bringing back memories of Summer so long long ago .....

I have to say, I find it funny how some people take things so personally on Facebook when such times some comments are not even directed at them or about them.  Some others really have a problem with humour as well.  Do you suppose people like these are unhappy? or possess no sense of humour? or just like making a point when there was no point to make in the first place?  I am at a loss to figure out these questions at this time, or probably any time in the future either.

I am also at a loss when someone creeps my Linked IN profile, when they have nothing whatsoever to do with me, my family or my life in general? and have shown this by their actions.  Do people have no life of their own that they have to creep someone else for lack of nothing better to do?  Once again, I am at a loss to figure this out either.

I am going to carry on living my life the best and honest as I can, trying always to be as kind as I can, and looking after my family first, then my real close friends next, keeping them close to my heart, as really? those are the ones who really matter, are they not?

MasterChef Canada is on tonight.  I do not want to miss out watching that, so that is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It was definitely a YUCK day - again.. LOL I have been getting LinkedIn requests fro MONTHS - from just random people - makes me so angry - it's like "GET A LIFE" -!! I am not even on LinkedIn!! And never will be !! LOL

  2. Hi Cindy~ You and I must have emailed each other our colds because I have had the same darn thing! This is one winter I will be glad to say Good Riddance too~ I like Facebook to a point....sometimes I think there are way to many "fun police" on fb....or maybe they should be called the "no humour patrol" lol

  3. I am glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today . I know you probably have already had this checked out but could you have a pinched nerve any where in your neck or shoulders that could be causing the headaches ? I just went to a specialist for my shoulder as my Dr thought my pain was cause by a pinched nerve and the first this the specialist asked me was am I getting headaches . They hooked me up to electrodes to test my nerve and muscles in my arm to make sure they responded like they should they did so now on to something else . I hope this therapy helps get rid of your headaches . I don't understand some people on FB they need to get a life ! I have my FB on all kinds of privacy settings and what not to stop these kinds of people . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  4. Bandit's adorable.

    I had it awhile back on Facebook for a private writer's group that I created, I got a request from someone to join. That someone is in fact a hyper partisan idiot I've clashed with from time to time elsewhere on facebook.

  5. Nowt as queer as we say in England!
    Jane x

  6. Oooooo, I had a nice soak in epsom salts this evening. I was tromping all over the place in town today and my legs were just killing me. The epsom salts work pretty good! I just wish we had a bigger hot water tank so I could have a good deep soak........hmmmmmm.

  7. Oh, I wish I could send some warm temperatures your way...

  8. we don't have a bath in this house, looking forward to soaking in my tub in the new house.

  9. I'm a shower girl too but hope once I retire I'll have time to lay around in a tub! I was recently told I have osteo-arthritis in my spine so I would be interested to see if the epsom salts help.


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