Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nom Nom Nom Mystery Burger

Holy Moly it was another COLD one out there this morning.  -15 without the Wind Chill.  This was the log I managed to get into our little Wood Stove this morning.  That was some nice chunk of wood.  Can you believe we heat our whole upstairs with this little stove????  we close off the two spare bedrooms (unless it gets really warm in here, then we open them up), so what it covers is the dining/living area, kitchen, bathroom and the main bedroom.  Once heading down the stairs it can get a might chilly .... brrr.


Yes we had quite the mini-blizzard again last night.  It was dang, dang, triple dang out there this morning.

Dinner was Nom, Nom, Nom ... and no it is not a Beef Burger.

My photo editor is not working for me this evening, so tomorrow I will blog the whole "scoop" on how the day went today and exactly what that yummy burger was we had this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That's a massive log!

    Stay warm and indoors!

  2. Our wood stove has to have a certain size of log cut for it . I don't find our wood stove heats the two rooms we have upstairs just the lower part of the house but we don't depend on it for all the heat as we use the furnace mostly but it is nice to have the wood stove incase we want a crackling fire going lol ! Yes it was frigging cold this morning and is again tonight winds blowing snow around YUK ! Thanks for sharing stay cozy and have good day !

  3. Cold...So flipping sick of it.I plowed the driveway yesterday and it's now full up of drifting snow AGAIN. Guess what I'm doing in the morning.
    Jane x

  4. Finally left the comfort of our wood stove heated house today about 4:00 to get some needed groceries. Oh, my it was blustery out there. I do love the wood heat, and with the huge increase in propane ( we do have a small propane wall furnace in the living room) and the big jump we have had for the hydro bills( we also have baseboard heaters, which we do not use, except in the two bathrooms and the basement office) the wood we bought in the fall really has become a huge bargain. We have snow banks that are higher and in places that I have not seen them in the 38 years we have lived here. I am thinking we will not see this snow leave for a long, long time unless there is a big change in the temperature. But it is staying very white as a little bit more gets added each day and so it doesn't look dirty. :) Alice

  5. Love the picture of the stive. If we put one like that in ours it would just go out! Burger looks gooooood. x

  6. Whatever it is, it looks yummy :) Stay safe and warm out there!


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