Saturday, 15 February 2014

A FUN Day Out !

Despite how much always needing down around here, I was pretty excited at the plans I had made for my day ahead this day.  I was to pickup my neighbour, Pari, and head on down to my Hometown of Southampton to meet my Auntie Gladys for a Chili Church Luncheon.

Before I headed out I got a package ready to put in my Mailbox for my Cousin Paula, as I had came across something I thought she would love (and she did cause I heard back already from her), and had a mini-sweetbread ready to go to drop off at my Aunt Pearlina, who is celebrating her 93rd Birthday on Monday.  Then it was onto having a really excellent bowl of homemade Chili !  and yes it had been very very good.

Pari and I had left early so we could check out the Southampton Market, formerly the old Fenton & Parker Furniture Factory, prior to meeting Auntie at 11:45 for lunch.  I remember countless times I met my dad coming out of the door of that factory so I could be there to walk home with him after work.  He used to swing my arm and then say, "what is that up there ahead" for me to find a shiny nickel.  It took my some years later to realize it had been him who had thrown it ahead for me to find.  I LOVED my father, and still after 33 Years since he left this World this June, I miss him dearly. 

We did meet Auntie Gladys almost right on the dot of the appointed time.

We had a tasty lunch and really nice visit together, along with Brian, who is a friend of Auntie & Uncles for many years.

I had even had a chance to chat with some other ladies I knew from my childhood who were either serving at the luncheon, or having lunch.  Good warm memories that I always hold dear ....

Once we had finished up our lunches, said our good-byes, I headed up to drop off the bread and a Birthday Card to Aunt Pearlina.  She was so happy to see me and I her.  I will have to make a point of going over some afternoon to spend an hour or so with her.  She didn't want to go out for a Birthday Lunch this year, as the weather has been so cold and there is soooo much Snow !  but a quick visit to see her I know made her day, so that is what counted.  It had made my day too, as I do LOVE my Aunt Pearlina, as I do ALL of my Aunts.

Pari and I had to stop back over to the Southampton Market after my wee visit, as we had not even had much of a chance to see any of the first floor.  They have EVERYTHING there at some pretty good prices!!!  I was happy we went back as I had picked out a few more things I had wanted from there.

We gassed up before we left to head back home to Wiarton.  Once back in Wiarton we stopped in at Josie's of Wiarton, as her clothing store had 65% off all Winter attire.  Well I had a friend with me, so what a better time to stop in to check it out.  Pari bought a couple things too.  We had a good time in there as well.

By the time I deposited Pari back at her home, and arrived back to my own, it had been 4:30.  What a day considering I had left before 9:00 am.

I was very happy on picking out some amazing Cards for some Birthdays this Year from the Market, and give myself a rare treat of buying two lovely tops at Josie's of Wiarton for a total savings of $78.00 !!!  A good day in the shopping department.

Last month a local Artist, Jenny Lee Learn of Jenny Lee Learn Custom Artwork had a contest wherein if you submitted a Winter photo and received the most LIKES on it, that you would win $100.00 Gift Certificate for Custom Framing from her studio.  Thanks to 67 of my Facebook friends, I was the proud winner, finding this out this afternoon.

This is the photo of Bandit & Lexus I had submitted that won me the GC.  Of course I would have never won without the support of those 67 friends.  Thanks again everyone !!! xx

It was a good day ... actually it was a GREAT day !!!  I now have my feet up, our Aussies are all settled in for the evening, and my husband is relaxing with me in his lazy boy chair watching some Amercian Pickers on TV, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That's a busy day for you!

    That shot of Bandit and Lexus is marvelous.

    And I've got another doggie blog posted today...

  2. Great! Those good days really help, don't they!

  3. Wow, what a day! Nice that the weather cooperated for you. So rare this winter. We had a nice fluffy snowfall, that was very pretty, but not a danger for travel.

  4. I love days like that - and thank goodness the weather was ok for your travels! We had a chilli lunch day on Friday at school - one of my favorite winter meals.

  5. lots of good memories made for you on your day out. Well done again on winning.....


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