Monday, 14 November 2011

Would That Be Six Bags Full, I Spy With My Little Eye ?

...... and a Deep Dish Apple Pie too !!!  Wow what a morning I had yesterday.

First off with all the usual outings between myself and the "pack", and of course after the publishing of the daily "blog", I went on to have an Apple Morning Adventure.

"The "help" first thing in the morning around here isn't what it is cut out to be, as you can see from my morning "blog" support team pictured here. "

"It then all began with bringing up an 11 qt basket, as I surely wasn't bringing up the whole bushel of Spy Apples at once, along with digging out my handy dandy apple peeler."

 "With the scene set, it was time to get down to some serious Spy business with these apples."

 "Lots of handy little gadgets make the job much easier then just having one of those good old sharp paring knives, you know?"

 "The first bag finally done, bagged & tagged ready for the freezer."

"Six bags full?  That would be Apples, not Wool my dear farmer."

"Once that 11 qt. basket was taken care of, 7 more very large apples had to be peeled, cored & sliced to fill this deep dish pie shell."
"All ready topped off & ready to go into at 450*F oven for 15 min, to be finished off for another 50 minutes at 350*F."

"The Prize Pie of the Day would be the Deep Dish Spy Apple Pie sitting on Cindy's Kitchen Counter, well protected by her two kitchen Cats, IKE and his scratch, ICE."

"The aroma of fresh baked apple pie and cinnamon filled the house ...... heavenly !"

This concluded my Apple Morning Adventure.  It so happened between all the breaks with having coffee, emptying the compost outside, along with taking the "pack" in and out a couple of times, especially Mercedes, it was into the afternoon hours by the time it was all said and done with the "mess" cleaned up.

Um I never seem to take and post pictures of all the "mess", might be a good reality check to make me think as to whether I start a project again if I see the "mess" needing cleaned up from it ..... lol.  I think not, as it is nice to reap what we sow, and "mess" sometimes concludes all of that.

Oh man, and just think there is still another 1/2 bushel of apples in our basement with my name on it !!! LOL.

I am proud to say I never had a "big" quarterly piece of this apple pie, but only the tiniest sliver that barely filled the fork.  Now that is "will-power", especially when I sat there witnessing my husband eating his "slice of pie", which I will leave the size to one's own imagination.

I am forever trying to keep myself on the "band wagon", as it is so important as we age and are less active, however by maintaining a healthy weight means enjoying a lengthier life, fewer health problems, and gaining more energy.

These are some tips on Causes of Weight Gain & Home Remedies that could help with weight loss or maintaining a desired weight, keeping in mind physical activity is one of the "key" factors in a healthy lifestyle as well.  This link provides a very good read in my opinion.  Like anything else, take what you want or need & leave the rest.

I find myself constantly falling off the "band wagon" from time to time, but it doesn't stop me from dusting myself off and crawling back on it.  Encouragement is another "key" to success, so find someone who is supportive and encouraging.  I have my own sister, Donna, who a few years ago lost 85 lbs., and who has maintained her weight by choosing a lifestyle for herself which includes a balance of proper diet (diet, meaning healthy food choices & proportions) and daily exercise.

Exercise doesn't mean doing a 5 mile jog every day, it has to be suited to the individual.  Moving is good not only for our minds and souls, but for our bones and muscles, as they will carry us to the last days of our lives, so take good care of them.

I need remind myself constantly that all things are "good" in "moderation", this applies to both food and exercise.  I don't deprive myself always, but I don't give in to the unhealthy choices on a daily basis either.

Food.  Food is one of my most favorite topics.  I was totally amazed this past week by the response two particular recipes received on "Cindy's Recipe Exchange".  It is wonderful seeing a group of people enjoying the same things, is it not?  I think so.

The two recipes were one submitted by Exchange member, Gerald Short, for his Blueberry Bread Recipe, and the other was Reenie Gurr's Pepsi Cola Rib recipe.

Loving the participation and the interaction, as it makes it all worth while !  Thanks to everyone who has joined "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", having a part in it all coming together and making it possible.

"Cindy's Recipe Exchange" can be found on Facebook.  We are nothing fancy, just plain, simple and every day kind of people, so drop in anytime and check us out !

The recipe for Reenie's Pepsi Cola Ribs can be found under my November 10th blog post at the following link:

NOTE:   Use lots of Ribs as the sauce makes lots, or cut the sauce in half if less ribs are being used.

Here is the recipe for Gerald Short's Blueberry Bread Recipe:

Blueberry Bread ~ Recipe Compliments of Dwight Gerald Short

2 cups flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1-1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup blueberry pie filling

Mix first 3 ingredients separately; add in together the remaining ingredients;
bake at 350* F for approx 1 hour and 15-20 mins, Then Enjoy!

Tip:  For added blueberry flavour you can save 1/4 C of blueberry and swirl through the loaf after batter is put into loaf pan!

Anyone trying either of these recipes, Cindy's Recipe Exchange would LOVE to hear the feedback, so please feel free to do so by emailing me at  .  Enjoy, as we have been!

As usual I must check in on my Wiarton Weatherman guy to see what's up with our weather here in Bruce County today.

There is that glorious sun peeking out at me again.  Sold !  I will take any sunshine I can get as I love when "You Are My Sunshine" !  If you love Anne Murray too, "click" on the highlighted "you are my sunshine".

That was quite the adventurous day I had for my yesterday, I think I will head out to see if I can have another such adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


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