Thursday 18 September 2014

These Boots Are Made For ...

Yet another sleepless night South of the Checkerboard.  If I do not get any sleep tonight I swear I am going to scream as this subject is getting rather tiring, is it not?  I think so, heavy on the "tiring".

This morning I spent picking up the chunks around here, and I mean literally picking them up.  It is an endless battle trying to be organized when one has no routine to speak of.  At least it is not to the point of embarrassment now should someone drop in unexpected, nor to have my Mother over for her Birthday lunch tomorrow.

I also put a call into Sears about our mattress we had purchased back in January.  We purchased a mattress pad from Sears so we would have the "Comfort Guarantee", meaning if you were not satisfied with the comfort of the mattress you purchased you could return it within the first year for your money back or a replacement mattress of your choice (money difference either paid or returned on the new mattress purchase).  The mattress we had chosen is way too hard for my pressure points, even after we were told it had a gel top, which I believe we had been misinformed.  I am going to need the one down from the extra firm this is for sure.

When one spends well over $1000 on a mattress, one should expect comfort.  Yes?

Not sure when Rob and I will have the time to go decide what mattress we want again, but it will have to happen within the next couple of weeks.  He thought originally the firm would be the best for his back, but now I think he has rethunk those thoughts.

This afternoon I had an appointment with our bank lady.  Our lady is going to be retiring in 2 years time, and I really will miss her.  I was hoping she would be there until our mortgage was paid off, but we will still have a couple more years for that to happen once she has already left.

Appointments last upwardly to and past a good hour.  It doesn't take long for an afternoon to go by.

Everywhere I had gone today I received compliments on ...

.... my boots.  This boots are made for walking, and walking I will do.  Truly I think I should be somewhere in New Mexico with these boots.

Ha, remember that old song by Nancy Sinatra with her Boots on?  back in 1966.

I was 7 years old when that song was released.  I can remember it being performed on the Ed Sullivan Show .... "it is going to be a really really big Shuh".  Really who didn't love the Ed Sullivan Show?

I hope and pray I get a good night's sleep tonight.  I hope and pray the side effects of these new meds pass soon.  I hope and pray for everyone's well being and good health.  I hope and pray I am the best I can be as a wife, mother, daughter, sibling and best friend.  

I am being melancholy so you can tell how really tired I am.

I hope and pray tomorrow is a new wonderful chapter in my Life once again, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Please, PLEASE try a memory foam mattress such as a Tempurpedic. I have pressure point pain and find it is the only bed that helps. I have a PERFECT nights sleep on it. Any one who has stayed at our Florida house where this bed is tell me they love it....and my friends seem to be all old and achy.

  2. Some of the foam mattresses emit an odour. Had to send ours back for coils.

    1. That is true, they do for a short while...3 -5 days. I used a freshly washed mattress pad and didn;t notice anything despite my sensitivities.

  3. Love, Love, Love your boots!! I also remember the song "These boots are made for walking" I was about 8 yrs old and my older sisters had white go go boots

  4. Those boots do have a southwestern sensibility to them.

  5. I'll have my fingers crossed for you tonight Cindy and definitely do something about the mattress - that's a lot of money to spend on discomfort! Sleepy, comforting thoughts to you over the Atlantic.....xx

  6. Cute boots ! Hope you get a sleeping pattern in place for lack of sleep can make you very ill eventually ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good and restful weekend !


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