Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Girls

I had company for my sleepless night last night, as Rob joined me since he had been in terrible pain with his back.  Too much moving couches and piling wood last week I am certain on both accounts.  Me? my usual.

No matter how tired we were Rob made two happy girls today by taking us on a Road Trip.

Myself & Portia got to go along to Kitchener with Rob today on some Crabby Cabbie Business, and a wee little bit of shopping on the side.  Portia had her "smile" on despite the bad hair day she was having.

I couldn't have been more  happier when Rob pulled into the Redwood Restaurant in Clifford where I had one of my most favourite meals in the form of the small portion of Liver & Onions.  They make the best I have had I think.  Later in the day Rob also got us a "Smiley" Face Cookie at Tim Hortons along with our coffees.

Support your community by purchasing a Smile Cookie between Sept. 15th and Sept. 21st from your local Tim Hortons!  LEARN MORE BY *CLICKING* HERE.

After Rob had stopped in to take care of "Crabby Cabbie" Business, we headed on out to the Costco Store at the far end of Kitchener.  We got a few essentials, dog food, and a couple of treats.

Healthy Treat Choices for myself, Essentials for both of us, and some unhealthy treats Rob picked out for himself ... but they are nuts and nuts are good for you in moderation, so really not too terribly unhealthy.  I had also got a good deal on Paper Towels, and with a Piddler in the house now, aka Portia, those are essential.

By the time we pulled into Wiarton it had been 6 pm.  Yes another long day behind us, especially since we hadn't hit the road until about 10:30 am this morning.  Regardless it was a day Rob and I got to spend together and away from our regular routine which is always good for the souls from time to time.

Ha ! now that I think about it, Rob and I sleeping out in the RV the odd time after he had purchased had also been good for our souls, as imaginations and pretending we were away and not in our driveway was good for the souls too.  Does anyone else have fun in the same kind of sense?

Brrr .... the dampness gets a little much for some of us with all of this rain and cool weather.  I am hoping to convince Rob to start a small fire in the wood stove to take the chill out of the air house.

OMG, I just realized now why our creamer has been going sour !!!  The new creamer I had used in my coffee this morning had been sour, and Rob bought another new one tonight and it went sour.  The LIGHTS went on ..... ready for this???? the other day I had put Vinegar in the kettle to clean it out and forgot to rinse it and run new water through it.  Now was that a "blonde" moment or what ???
Thank God I can laugh at myself, otherwise I would be crying half my life away.

Well it is getting to be about that time of night to call it a wrap, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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