Tuesday 2 September 2014

There & Back Home Again

This morning I woke up a 2 am to head to the bathroom.  Sleep after that? no, nope, nada ... just wasn't going to happen.  The alarm had been set for 4:45 am, did I hear that? of course I had, LOUD & CLEAR.

Rob loaded me up into the Van, after all the Aussies were first looked after, at 5:30 am, and dropped me off  at the Owen Sound Hospital at 6:05 am..

I had more then 15 minutes to wait in an already before me line-up at Central Registration, as it does not open until 6:30 am..  A little problem for me before registering as the lady who had been beside me had some sort of perfume rub on creating instant havoc for my asthma and allergies.  When I made my way up to the third floor's Day Surgery I stayed clear of this person for my own comfort, as the nose running, post nasal drip and dry coughing are most uncomfortable, as anyone with the same problem can relate to.

There is someone I know who wears quite a bit of perfume, and I told her recently that I was sorry but I could not help my situation with perfumes and odors, and she proceeded to also tell me it was against Human Rights for hospitals to ask people NOT to wear perfumes, etc.... not certain about that, but as I said I am certain people with asthma/allergies can not help their situations and hopefully the majority of people are empathtic to the situations.

Here is a read about Scents & Sensibility that some might find interesting by *clicking*  HERE, and actually states there are no laws in place, but Medical Building should have in my personal opinion.

Back to the Day Surgery floor.  The nurses there have always been nice any time I have been there, and today? no difference.  It sure is great to be made felt comfortable and at ease when you are heading into the unknown.

The unknown for me this day was having my Gall Bladder removed.

The procedure of removing Gall Bladders are much simpler then of days long gone by, with the odd exception, as they are now mostly performed by Laparoscopic removal.  To learn more about it *click* HERE.

I was the first scheduled with Dr. Caulfield today, the Surgeon who was removing my Gall Bladder, and went in to surgery at 8:45 am.  I was back out of surgery and into recovery around 9:30 am, and back into Day Surgery afterwards with Rob picking me up just before 12 Noon.

It really didn't seem much time had lapsed for me today before I had been there & back home again.

I am feeling good.  Rob made me a good dinner of a bbq'd Turkey Burger and green beans.  Before that I had a bit of watermelon and a small bowl of Bran Buds (suppose to keep your fibre intake up).  I have not had any pain medications since what they gave me this morning at the Hospital.  I filled my prescription, just in case.  I made a couple of phone calls, but after talking a bit I was feeling a bit nauseous (that just won't do if it is going to interfere with my "gabbing" you know).  Getting up and down is, naturally, quite uncomfortable.

NOTE:  Giant Tiger sells Butterball Turkey Burgers in their stores for $10.00 / box of 8?.  Let me know if you try them, as I love them.  Rob eats regular burgers where I will have one of them instead.

The Nurse told me to avoid driving for a week, and no lifting or pushing for two weeks.  I go for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Caulfield in three weeks time.

How am I feeling now? a bit of discomfort, but really not too bad at all.

It truly isn't a terrible procedure at all, and I hope now my Gall Bladder along with the Gall Stones are gone, there is one or two less pains I have to deal with in my life on a daily basis from here on in, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hi Cindy, So happy to hear your gall bladder procedure is over and all went so well. You must follow the Dr's orders and get all the rest you can. Are you on a special diet or can you eat everything from here on out? I am interested to know what your symptoms first were as I often wonder how they all start. I am going in for a CT scan soon. Take good care and I hope you'll be feeling better. Bess

  2. Well, it's all said and done, so that's one big hurdle taken care of. Get as much rest as you can.

  3. You are going to feel so much better.
    My local hospital has 'no perfume' signs all over,but still some people insist on covering themselves in the stuff....they have no idea what it does to some people.

  4. Cindy you be sure to heed the nurses orders and rest! No heavy lifting as you don't want to tear those internal stitches. I am so glad that all went well with your surgery! D

  5. Glad all went well ! I had it all done 15 years ago by Laparoscopic removal mine was infected and two times it's size I literally had a lump sticking out from my side and a 4.6mm stone was blocking the bio duct and all wasn't taken out till two weeks after all that I was soo sick for weeks before it was discovered and then I had to be on antibiotics first before it was taken out ! I wasn't that much better after for years as I then developed IBS ! Isn't aging fun lol ! I hope all heals well and fast for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Hi Cindy, so glad to hear your gall bladder surgery is all behind you now and that it went well. I had mine out over 38 years ago the old-fashioned way and was in the hospital for 10 days so it amazes me how quickly you were in and home again. Please take it easy. Let your friends and family pamper you. All the best as you recover, Elaine (we met at A&W in Mount Forest).

  7. I can't believe it! In and out of the hospital in six hours! Amazing what they can do now. Hope it helps you!

  8. Oh, I'm glad it's all over and I'm glad you are feeling well!

  9. That's odd that the hospital doesn't have signs about perfumes and scents. Ours does, at least in places where people are sitting for awhile or might not be entirely well. Out in a couple of hours?! Wow, the wonders of modern medicine, eh?

    1. They have signs but some people do not care to pay attention to them, or read the signs unfortunately. Yes LOVE the wonders of modern medicine.


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