Monday 29 September 2014

Damn Beavers !

I am doing great since I got at least 4 hours sleep last night.  Is that why I still have no energy and feel like going to sleep once I actually get out of bed before 6 am?  must be the reason.  Really though it has been getting better then pulling an "all nighter".  I am getting too old to pull those off, am I not?  Ha !! not always.

First stop of the day was the Wiarton Hospital.

Rob has broken his clavicle bone 4 times, and lately it has been giving him more grief then not, especially with a seat belt that pulls into it.  Off to see our Doctor who is "on shift" Mondays at the Hospital.  We were there right before he was so the wait had not been too long.  Some new meds to replace the Ibuprofen and some old ones to relax the muscles at sleep time.  Once would have been more then enough to fracture my collar bone, but Rob obviously thought 4 times was more then enough !

Little Portia is not so little anymore now that she is over 3 months old.  She is getting to be, let's say ... double the trouble.  I have to admit though today was her very 2nd day ever she did not have an accident in the house.  Good Girl, Portia !!! 

After lunch I collected my neighbour, Pari, and we headed up to another hospital this afternoon.  This time it was the Southampton Hospital where we went to visit my Auntie Gladys.  She had high levels of something to do with her Pancreas, however by today they came down to almost normal.  They will be keeping her one more day I believe, and she will be off for a scope as soon as it can be arranged.  Fingers crossed they find nothing to serious and it is something that is a "quick fix", as our family surely would be lost should we not have our Auntie Gladys at the helm keeping us all straightened out on who is who.  We can not afford to have her laid up and sick.

By the time I returned back home there had been a delivery again by UPS.  How exciting this was for me.

Today I received one package from Apple in California containing some Apple "stuff" in the way of a thermos cup, water bottle, journal and pen ... I felt very honoured to receive such nice Apple "stuff".  Thanks for the awesome Apple Customer Service by Christine at !!!

The other parcel contained a pair of Teva Orginal Sandals I had won in a contest put on by Teva a month ago on Facebook.  Thanks Teva ! my new sandals "rock" !!!

On my way back home from Southampton Rob had called me to tell me he had something to show me when I arrived back home.  

Rob loaded me up behind him on the ATV and we headed on out to the 2nd field behind out house to where he discovered a damn Beaver's dam !!!  Damn Beavers is right !  The tree we had thought came down in the last big storm?  nope it was not the storm at all.

Totally amazing what those damn Beavers can do to get a Dam made, is it not?

Needless to say the Dam those damn Beavers have made have begun to flood out our back field, and will soon be flooding out not only our front fields but our neighbour's pond.  They also have a damn built two properties up from us.  

Since our neighbour, Ed, who had owned the Farmer's Market beside us for years and years until the new owners took over last year, had always been on top of the damn Beavers and their damns there had never been a problem the 11 years we have lived here until now.  We will have to get figuring on what to do between our new Farmer's Market neighbour, Mike, and ourselves very very soon.

After Rob and I had our Dinner of leftover homemade Bean Soup, we headed out for our evening walk.

Portia and Rob bonding and doing a little schmoozing with each other.  

Rob was called out when I sat down to get started here.  I am soon going to be taking the baby Portia and the Bandit boy out before I call it a night, and Rob will take care of our Lexus girl and Buddy boy once he returns back home.

It was a lovely weather day today, with rain in the forecast tomorrow.  I could keep days like we had today forever, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Golly - beavers do make a meal of things don't they. Sandals and Apple "stuff" look great.

  2. Boy, Portia's looking utterly adorable.

  3. What a day! Love those sandals....xx


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