Wednesday 10 September 2014

"Special" Deliveries

What an amazing sight to drink in as soon as you walk out the door first thing in the Morning.  Were you as fortunate as I to have such an experience?

Lots to do today with nothing at home being accomplished.  This seems to be my life past months having become common.  Am I liking it? absolutely not, however for the time being this is the way it is to be whether I care for it or not.

After running around this morning I had to be somewhat presentable to head off to my Doctor's appointment at 11 am.  

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE Dr. David (Diodati)? he is such a great all around person, and Doctor too.  I learned that my blood work all came back with A+'s in all departments.  My Bad Cholesterol is still Good !!!  and my sugar is also awesome.  My Blood Pressure? right on the money.  Not bad for a gal who weaned herself off all kinds of medication, eats lots of veggies, fruit, yogurt and very seldom eats red meats.  Junk Food, very very seldom, if I overeat it has been usually good food choices, but still overeating.  My biggest "junk food" downfall would have to be Ice Cream, if you consider Ice Cream "junk food"?  I consider it HEAVENLY !

However the Fibromyalgia has been getting the best of me the past few months since I have not been keeping a regular routine, eating habits and exercise.  These three things play a huge role in controlling Fibromyalgia symptoms and flare-ups.  

Dr. David asked me if I would try a prescription medication called Cymbalta.  At one time I had been on Lyrica for two years with hardly any results that did not warrant the cost of the drug, nor the chemicals in my body.  I agreed I would give it a try to see if it will help with the daily Chronic pain of the Fibro and the degenerative disk disease in my neck.

Before I left Dr. David's office he said he wished all his Fibro patients had such a good handle on what Fibro symptoms require, most importantly exercise.  Regardless of how bad the daily chronic pain, should one get on a regular daily exercise routine, trust me the benefits of lessening the Chronic Pain is truly amazing.  We are hoping until I can get some order back in my life,  seeing if the Cymbalta gives me some kind of relief, hopefully sooner then later.

Dr. David assured me if I was not feeling any benefits, that we would take me off the medication immediately.  I am happy he understands how I feel about medications.  

Another problem I have had the past few months is extreme allergy symptoms in the way of hives, prickly itching on the back of my neck, head and edges of my scalp and burning.  Almost like eczema but it isn't.  Dr. David has prescribed a lotion and instructed me to use Head & Shoulders shampoo along with it. It has been driving me to the edge most days.  Hopefully I get some relief soon as I feel like my head has been lousy for the past couple months ... bring out the coal oil !!  

When I returned home from my Dr's appointment I walked up into our living area to find I had a "special" delivery by way of my hubby and his friend.

They had gone down to Singhampton to get our "new to us" leather recliner couch.  The Quilt? that was gifted to me by my friend, Cathy, who I used to volunteer with VON.  I had put the word out on Facebook I was in the market for quilts to use as throws on our new furniture to protect from our dear Bandit's and or Portia's claws.  Thanks Cathy, not only appreciated it, I also absolutely love it.

I only need a couple more for the chairs to use as throws when we are not home, so I will keep my fingers crossed I come across a couple more as nice as the one Cathy had gifted me.

Today there had been two "Special" Deliveries.  The first being the couch, and the second being ...

... no, not Portia, the box containing our Winter Cover for our Gazebo.  Happy happy if it means we can leave our lawn furniture out there and not worry about carting it back and forth to the basement in the Spring and Fall.  Portia had herself lots of fun by having an adventure on the box.

Rob and his friend managed to get a huge dent in the wood pile between what they had done yesterday and today.  Lots has been stacked in the basement and the rest is almost piled into the wood shed now.  Hopefully it will be enough for another harsh Winter they are calling for and we don't run out again at the beginning of January.  I am pretty confident that over 10 cords will do us just fine.

Robs back is in much pain, needless to say, so he needs to take a break and rest it the next couple of days.  I hope we both get a good sleep this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. A dog loves to get to sniff around anything new and unexpected like that. Portia looks happy about it!

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon Cindy! Good for you for taking charge of your health!!

  3. Hope the Cymbalta helps - your doctor does sound nice! And an itchy rash too - aren't you the fortunate one...NOT! On the bright side your new to you couch is gorgeous - what a great find:)

  4. I know some people are having great results with the Cymbalta.
    Lots of wood being thrown around here too. I just don't have it in me to do wood anymore. I was doing my utmost to get the kindling stacked up yesterday.
    Stress and wonky weather are kicking my FM to the moon. Hopefully the cooler weather will help settle things down. Stress, not much we can do about that is there?


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