Sunday 7 September 2014

New To Us (Again)

I slept better then I had for the whole preceding week, thank goodness !!!  sorry to whoever had the date with Mr. Insomnia last night.

Rob came in at 4 am and that did wake me up.

We have the weirdest conversations some times when he comes home at times in the wee hours of the morning.  This morning he had to tell me someone had dropped off pamphlets for us to Doug when we had been away, and Doug wanted to know if I was Jehovah Witness?  *Sigh* no I am not, but when they used to come to the door when I was younger I used to tell them I was "Born Again Christian" and that would be the end of that.  I have no problem with anyone else having their own beliefs, but please respect I have my own and do not push yours down my throat.  I think that is fair enough.

Finally Rob drifted off back to sleep and I got a bit more rest before getting up for the day.

Vicki & I took a trip up to the Mar Market this morning to have a gander around a bit.  Not to busy with vendors, nor customers, at 9 am..  I got quite a lovely surprise from a purchase Vicki had made...

... of a lovely Hallmark mug she gifted me.  And I absolutely do LOVE it !!!  thanks muches and bunches Girlfriend xoxox

I am very lucky to have Vicki as a BFF friend, as the handful of other really amazing friends I have.  You never need an abundance of friends, but you do need friends who give and take an abundance of friendship and love.

Once Vicki and I had gotten home from the market, Rob had been awake and up.  We had made plans to go view a couch today up in Singhampton, which is up the other side of Collingwood.

We all loaded into the van, along with Portia, with Rob stopping for a beverage along the way ...

... when we soon realized shortly after Rob had an unwanted traveller.  Good thing he had noticed before putting his cup up for a drink.  *Phew* that could have been a bad driving experience.

We finally made it to our destination to view the couch I had found on Kijiji a week ago.  It is an:

  Elran reclining sofa 
- All Leather 
- Zero clearance reclinining motion 
- Removable seat backs 
- No marks or scratches in the leather

We got it at a steal and will fit in beautifully with the new leather recliner chairs we just ordered.  I am very happy with the excellent used condition and quality of the new to us (again) leather couch we have purchased.  When something is in such condition I could care less if it is brand new to us, as it serves the same purpose and us a good buck.  We are to pick it up next week.

It was a gorgeous day today and the views had been wonderful.  Doug is a Garlic nut, and we actually came by the Garlic Hut coming out of Meaford which we stopped at so he could get some.  He choose their hottest variety.  The Garlic Hut is all organic Garlic with very good prices.

Speaking of prices, we stopped at Almonds in Meaford to check out the Wild Blueberries they had advertised on their sign.  We were soon to leave as $12.00 a pint for the blueberries and $12.00 per lb. for Garlic was a little bit to rich for our blood.  YIKES !!!!

We got back home mid-afternoon to then get ready to head out on our motorcycles for a Chinese Dinner Buffet.  It was good and the first Rob and I had ate all day, except for the 1/3 cup of Bran Buds I did have for breakfast, and a pear he had on our afternoon tour.

Back to the regular work grind tomorrow as Monday morning rolls around again, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Well, the Witnesses aren't so much a religion as they are a cult, and I've found that while I can respect a religion, that can't extend to a cult. I once had a couple of them at the door; I said I was a devil worshipper in the midst of doing a sacrifice, and they could come in and watch.They ran down the steps and down the walk.

    1. My cousin always tells them he's a Jewish blood donor!
      Jane x

  2. Hi Cindy~ A garlic hut!! I don't think I've ever seen garlic for sale along side the road here in WI but if I did I would certainly stock up! We do love our garlic in my house:) Lynn

  3. Glad you finally got some sleep! We stopped at the Garlic Hut yesterday too!

  4. They used to come to our door so frequently my mom put up a sign - NO Jehovahs Witnesses - we must have seemed like we needed saving I guess.
    Pretty expensive blueberries and garlic!


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