Thursday 25 September 2014

Shop Til You Drop

I was awake at 3 am, but made sure by the time 4:50 am rolled around, I rolled out of bed as I was up to do my Aussie duties, a coffee into me and out the door by 6:30 am.

Today I was meeting up with my friends, Abby & Liz, as we were heading on down South to meet up with friend, Vicki, to do a Shop til you Drop day at the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market and Costco.

We made very good timing meeting up with Vicki shortly after 9 am.  Then the walking began.

At the Market we pretty much checked out every Nook & Cranny, from Quilts to every fruit & veggie.  The purple heirloom peppers looked pretty cool in the arrangement of colours, yes?

There was a tasting of this and that.  I sampled some very good 3 year old white cheese that I am now kicking myself for not buying some as it was soooo good.  Next time maybe.  I did however by a huge 6 litre basket of Beefsteak Tomatoes which I must say by the sandwich I had for Dinner they are full of flavour, so no regrets there.  The price for the basket? only $5.00.

It had been around 11 am when we approached the Homemade Fritter booth.

First Liz caved, then Vicki right after her.

Abby & I were very strong resisting the very tempting fresh Apple Fritters, to have ourselves fun by finding some very heavy, very real Rye Bread.  Abby had no problem demonstrating how "heavy" it really had been.

Next stop was Borealis Grill & Bar for some lunch.  This is very close, almost across from where the Kitchener Costco is located.  Very nicely decorated inside, and all foods are mostly sourced locally.

Liz & I ordered the Fish & Chicken Tacos which came with a side of salad.  We switched up so we could each tasted one of each.  Our preference was the fish, which had been pickerel, as the chicken had been very bland.  Abby had a homemade Ravioli which she loved, and Vicki the French Onion Soup, which she had to add salt to and the fresh Beet Salad, which she did not care much for their homemade Tarragon Vinaigrette (which I enjoyed personally).

Personally I enjoyed the food I had, other then I had wished we had just chosen the fish.  Price? $17.00 with tax and I had a water.  A tad pricey for lunch but more of an upscale restaurant with a local sourced menu.  Would I go back? I think so.  Should you like to see the Menu for Borealis Restaurant, just *click* HERE.

Next stop was Costco, where we really did the Shop til you Drop by covering almost the whole store.  According to my Steps App on my iphone I did 4,428 steps today from the time I left the house until I just sat down not long ago.  Not too bad when you consider that was almost 2 1/4 miles of almost all shopping.

After dropping off the girls to back to their vehicles, I arrived back home at 6 pm.  Eleven hours of being out and about, no wonder I am tired.

You might notice I had not many photos from our day, that is because we were having way too much fun together to have time for me to be snapping photos ... *smile*.

Here is is now barely after 8 pm, and I am pretty much ready for my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The Crabby Cabbie Van was spotted leaving the Mennonite Thrift Store in Elmira today!! My husband spotted the name on the van & laughed - then I laughed.....hey, I read her blog!!!
    It was a beautiful day for all that travelling and shopping!!! You girls sure do get around ;)

  2. Down to St. Jacob's is a big trip for you. I think my cousin still does that market each week.

  3. Those sweet peppers look wonderful and sooooo cheap. also the tomatoes sound a great buy,.

  4. I've never seen purple peppers before!
    I looked at the menu and was pleased to see that some of the items could be veganised....not that we are ever that way...but IF we were...
    Jane x


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