Sunday 14 September 2014

A Curdling Start

I could not keep my eyes open past 10 pm last night falling fast asleep until Rob arrived home at 3 am.  Five hours of lovely enjoyable sound sleep ... heavenly it was.  I am hoping I have the same luxury again tonight.

I did all my Aussie rounds first thing after I had gotten up at 6 am.  More outside times with Portia more then not.  Finally an hour later I got to make myself my first coffee of the day .... short lived when I poured the not yet expired creamer into my cup for it to curdle before it even hit the hot coffee.  GROSS !!!  

This called for some Liquid Gold in the form of a large Tim Horton's Dark Roast with 1 1/2 cream.  Truly my first sip had been Heaven.

Highlights of my day ....

Travelling to Timmies with Portia this morning for a Dark Roast Java, a ride into Owen Sound turning into a last minute coffee with my friend, Sharon, a Roasted Turkey cooked to perfection by the time I arrived back home, and the Calla Lilies that bloomed very late which I have had the pleasure to enjoy at this time of Year.

Really lots of highlights considering my day got off to a curdling start.

Rob, Portia and I just returned from a 20 minute walk down by Colpoy's Bay.  A lovely evening which feels like it might get cooler by the time Dusk has passed.

An early night for me again, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It's good to have Portia out and about with you, I imagine. Gets her socialized in a way that the rest of the dogs are used to.

  2. That would be a wake up call for me having that in my coffee or tea which I have first thing in the morning lol ! Glad you got some sleep , hope for another good sleep for you tonight !

  3. Funny I had sour cream coffee this morning also:) Take care of yourself Cindy. Hug B


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