Monday 22 September 2014

A Most Pleasant Surprise

This morning was a morning where I could have finally went back to sleep until the Sun had long risen.  This morning I could have stayed in bed until the cows had came home.  This morning I got up long before 6 am .... wish I may, wish I might, my wishes were all in dismay.

After all the Aussies had been in, out and about, with Portia more times then I care to mention,, I hit the books.  That would be the Crabby Cabbie books.  I took the time to organize July and August, with September to follow in another week's time.  At that time I will enter it all onto the books if not before, and definitely before the 15th of October when the 3rd Quarter of the Year is due.

I also had to drive over to get Rob from where he dropped his one Crabby Cabbie vehicle off as it has gone in with a mechanical issue to be looked after.  Never ending when one has a home or a vehicle(s), is it not?

After lunch I dropped down to see my Mother and take her a Tim Horton's coffee.  They had entertainment in the common room, and I had asked her why she wasn't going down to listen to the music.  She told me she doesn't care for music.  Really ? my mother not liking music? that is a first.

Life changes with time, some good some not so good, but time waits for no one as changes take place.

After visiting with Mom I next stopped down to the Wiarton Chamber offices to meet the new girl who had been hired as a JCP (Job Creation Program) for Marketing.  It was a pleasure to meet Grace, and great to now have 4 great staff members in the offices hopefully contributing to the growth of the the Wiarton Chamber and its lobbying for the town.

When I returned home Rob had left a parcel for me that had came in the mail.  I was surprised as I was not expecting a parcel, however found it to be a most pleasant surprise.  

Not too long ago a friend had posted on her Facebook page that the first 5 people to comment on her post would receive something from her within the Year.  I did this same "pay it forward" a year ago sending 5 gifts out to five different people.

A beautiful card with a note had also been enclosed from Jeanette.  Thank you again Jeanette for your thoughtfulness and careful thought in choosing something to send to me.  I do feel special to have received your package.

A journal, a camera charm, and a Survival Kit, Lord knows I need a survival kit on many an occasion.

How nice to receive something, whether it only be a kind note, in the mail unexpectedly.  Kindness goes a long way.

After Dinner Portia and I went for a 3 km walk down through Bluewater Park and way down past the Wiarton Marina.  Portia apparently loves water having the time of her life playing along the shore.  The beauty of the landscape never ceases to enthral me.

My girlfriend, Vicki, and I, are always entering in some kind of contest or another on Facebook.  The most recent one was offered by a photographer in Alabama, Starla Doud Photography.  Starla was offering a T-Shirt in support of Cancer for the person who was her 700 person to like her Facebook page.

You guessed it, I was number 700 !  Since my girlfriend, Vicki, has not just one Wiener Dog, but two, I had to gift the T-shirt to her.  She just received it in the mail from Alabama today and sent me the photos ....

.... "Wieners love Boobies too.  Vicki with her Weenie, Sam, and Weenie, Beanner.

Thanks to Starla Doud Photography for the Contest Give Away !

Tomorrow is a busy day.  A busy day calls for an early night, especially after such an eventful day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Don't you just love parcels when it's not even Christmas!
    Jane x

  2. Very pleasant surprises!

    Perhaps it was the kind of music your mother wasn't fond of.


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