Monday 1 September 2014

Back To Yesterday Before Today

Let me start out with Yesterday morning I was swarmed with children requesting a breakfast of cereal.  With that out of the way they were soon ready and out the door, regardless of the grey overcast skies, off to Sauble Beach, ending up with more fun at Sauble Falls (thanks to Liz for the photos of their excursion).

While the kids were having a blast at Sauble Falls, I am not sure if my son was having a snooze or laid out guarding Liz's purse?  I will have to ask.  Regardless they had a great day, and the Sun had eventually came out later in the day.

After everyone had returned back to the house, the girls and I headed downtown Wiarton to The Painted Turtle (&Balloon Headquarters) for some girl fun.  Thanks to Wenda's expertise help they girls had everything they needed to make themselves each a lovely necklace.  Liz even got to make herself a bracelet much to her delight.   Us Girls enjoyed our "girl" time, while the boys had been off picking out a DVD after Dinner.

I was tickled pink to have captured this Bee covered in Pollen in the Painted Turtle's gardens.  WE so need our Bees !

After a yummy Dinner BBQ'd by the Chief BBQ guy, Poppa Rob, the kids and I headed on down to the Bluewater Park for a walk.  We all had fun there too !

The beauty that surround us daily is amazing.  As I have said many times before, and will again, I never tire of these views.

Today?  the kids had breakfast, everyone packed up and they were on their way back home just after 9 am.  Rob & I?  I did one load of laundry and a wee bit of tidying up, but boy oh boy I am tired, but it is a "I had fun" tired.

Tomorrow?  I will be getting myself lots of rest, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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