Tuesday 16 September 2014

Search For The "Checkerboard"

Another sleepless night North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard, finally getting up at 5 am to let Portia out, then Bandit, then Lexus, and finally Buddy.

To add to the early morning darkness is the fear of going out with the dogs with them coming head to head, or should I say, "head to tail" with the meeting up of a skunk.  We have been there a few times i the past, however it has always happened around 10 pm right before bedtime when already to fall into bed.  Take heed when walking out about in the dark at this time of Year, or for that matter in the Spring when the Skunks first emerge.

I was feeling poorly this morning.  About 8 pm I had to go back to lay down for about an hour just to get some energy to carry on with the day.  The hour of rest helped, and I got up to carry on with laundry and other household duties.

Portia did very well today, or maybe I did even better by having her out more often then not, as she had only one accident in the kitchen today.  Hopefully it gets to be none sooner then later.

Rob was busy and off down Country on a call today.  This left me alone to get a few things done around here.  Do you find it is easier to get things done when you are by yourself with nobody in your way or sitting around.  Something about that "other" presence that takes away the feeling of getting stuff  done.

I thought maybe some would enjoy listening to some "local" talent down county from me in Hepworth.

Pretty cute.  I had came across the video shared by a local radio station on Facebook today.

Then there was the article put out by the Wiarton Echo yesterday .... "The Search for the Checkerboard", which you may read about by *clicking* HERE.  

Truly I don't know what the big deal is since I KNOW the "Checkerboard" is due North of where I live, so that settles that mystery.  Oh yes and the Mile Inn Corner is just South around the bend from us.  Easy peasy to figure it all out.

Once I got over my first slump of the morning the day did get better with me feeling a little bit more ahead of the game then two days ago, considering I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Apple straightening out some software issues with my iphone.

Rob and I got out for a 20 minute walk after our Dinner of leftover Turkey and garden fresh green beans.  What a lovely evening.  I hope the weatherman hold true with the week ahead staying as lovely as today was.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & Definitely South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The last time I saw a skunk around here was in the evening, leaving campus. It was nosing around the bushes outside a day care center, and I saw the white stripe. I gave it a wide berth.

  2. Oh love the video it is very cute. Hug B


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