Tuesday 30 September 2014

Not Too Much Of Anything

Yes it has been a not too much of anything kind of a day, however it has been nothing but busy ...

A meeting at the Wiarton Chamber Office this morning.  A meeting afterwards that Rob towed me along to.  Another small get together on meeting of the minds back at the Chamber office this afternoon, and thank goodness a "cancelled" meeting for the Santa Claus Parade Committee this evening.

Truly I think I am feeling  a bit wrung out by meetings, and then some.

It has been quite a rainy drab sort of day here all day.  I did manage to get my dishes done, and bed made.  I always seem, if nothing else, to get those two household chores done.

Oh yes haven't mentioned about driving Rob back and forth to the garage twice today, had I?  thought not.

I made a brief call to the Southampton Hospital to find out my Auntie Gladys is still there, and probably until tomorrow if not longer.  For some reason her blood pressure spiked to heights that it should not have been at last night.  All was put under control, however she did not sound all the best when I spoke to her, but then again one wouldn't be in the Hospital should they be at their best, now would they.

Rob has been running around in and out most of the day.  This is not a bad thing, but does cause for some interruption the times I did manage to be at home.

Oh yes I did most of the Crabby Cabbie billing at some point today, not certain at what point but do know there is two more to bill out tomorrow morning.  Not that it is a real biggie, just one more thing that has to be taken care of ... *smile*.

A bit of excitement in a way of a gift from my friend, Diane.  Thanks Diane !!!

Lots of benefits from Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) with Diane having our Bandit in mind with his Mite / Allergy problem.  Lots of Health advantages to both our pets and ourselves.  I will be reading up on it in the book Diane has lent me, and have already started giving it to Bandit with yogurt this day.  

Warning:  Be careful of inhaling its fine powder

For more information please read by *clicking* HERE, or further research yourself on google or library books.  For more information on using for your Dog *click* HERE, or further research yourself on google or your local vet.

I will be blogging more on my own personal findings, etc as I go along either by reading or using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) myself and/or on our Aussies.

I know tomorrow morning I need to dangle, as our new mattress is being delivered at some point tomorrow, and we need to get the other one wrapped up in plastic and out of our room.  Then I need to give the carpet a good going over underneath the bed while there is no mattress on it.  Busy, busy.

Yes indeed not too much of anything however a whole lot of something, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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