Friday 26 September 2014

Pain In The ....

I woke up with a Migraine headache this morning, and anyone who suffers with Migraines, or headaches, know what a pain in the "you know what" they are.  To the point of debilitating is exactly what they can be.

The bad news is I still have it and the good news is Rob is very understanding thank goodness.

Despite the pain, as the meds didn't barely put a dent in the pain, I still managed to get our bed stripped, washed, hung on the line and made back up fresh again.

I also picked Rob up after he had dropped off our one Crabby Cabbie vehicle to the garage, and later back to get it picked up.  The other day it had gone in to get a new alternator.  Unfortunately some times the new ones can be faulty, and this had been the case, so back it had to go today to be replaced with another new one.  Fingers crossed this one is good to go for the remaining life of the vehicle.

I have been in and out with Portia all day, and Bandit, while Rob has looked after the other two for me.  Rob also had a headache today.  Rob managed to get an afternoon nap in, whereas I almost did until the phone rang twice.  Good old Murphy's Law.  Part of the headaches I am sure is due to sinuses and allergies, as right now the pain is in the whole left side of my head from behind my eyes, in my teeth, jaw, ear and down the side of my neck, along with a sore throat.  It throbs.

Thank goodness we had leftover homemade bean soup, and lots of Beef Eater Tomatoes for sandwiches as that was what was on the Menu for today.

Tomorrow I am planning to attend a Fish Fry at the Hepworth Legion with a friend and some family members.  I am really hoping the headaches have left by then.

Tickets are available by calling ahead or at the door with information as follows:

Nothing like a good Dinner in support of a local Legion, is there?

PS.  Lori, happy your hubby had a chuckle when he seen the Crabby Cabbie vehicle at the Elmira Mennonite Thrift Store.  *smile*

On that note I believe I will give my eyes a rest by getting off my laptop and calling it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. I have had sinus infections, but migraines are a different matter altogether.


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