Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stamp Of Approval

Sleep came easy me last night, however was broken from the time Rob arrived home at 2 am until I finally got up after 6:30 am.  Poor Rob was out the door by 7 am this morning, and running around until well after the lunch hour today.

We had decided that today Rob would go back with me over to the Sears store in Owen Sound to check out a different mattress.  It was a great day to be checking out things as the weather was drab with heavy to light rain showers all day long.  Off we went about 2 pm.

Yes the mattress I had checked out yesterday received Rob's stamp of approval today.  

The only problem we came up against was the bottom did not appear to be in stock, which is odd since it is a brand new item to the store only a couple of weeks ago.  The sales person wondered if we would take a base 3" less in height, however we have a sleigh bed which would make it look totally ridiculous with a base and mattress with no height to it.  They are to call us back tomorrow once they have looked into the situation further.  It is always something, is it not?

Out by myself yesterday I had got to browse the store a bit finding something I liked very very much.  I had the sales lady put them on hold for me until today.

I fell in love with these 3 Season boots as soon as I had set eyes on them.  The size 8 had been a little tight, so I opted for the size 9 which will give just a small bit of extra room for a heavier sock.  I scored these babies for a cool 50% off !  and they only had the one pair in my size ... almost like it was meant to be.

Want a pair? you can also order online by going HERE.  I could have gotten black, however loved the taupe as it will go with any colour I wear.

It was very late afternoon by the time we had arrived back home.

Dinner was easy with us each having a leftover cottage roll sandwich on rye bread and some cantaloupe.  Nothing much but something to hit the spot which was very yummy.

Rob is tired, I am tired, and the dogs are all quiet so they also must be tired.  It was just that kind of rainy kind of weather day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Well, at least it was a productive day.

  2. Love the boots! Hope you get your mattress and box spring dilemma fixed!

  3. Love the boots and hope the bed situation gets sorted.

  4. I do hope you find this bed comfy. I bought a very pricey mattress for our home here in Ontario and wish I could change it for the Tempurpaedic which I have in Florida. I have a constant achy hip that goes away when we are in Florida.


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