Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More Packages !!!

It was a rough day today in the way that it started with barely being able to get out of bed first thing as my Fibro has been flaring with my muscles seemingly out of control trying to escape from my skin.  Truly it does feel sometimes like a "Mack Truck" has ran over me.

Upward and onward though as time does not wait for you to catch up with it.

Rob had his follow-up Doctor's appointment today, as he had x-rays of both his hips done two weeks ago.  Results? no surprise with his back, pelvis and both hips full of arthritis.  Fine pair we make, don't we?

Rob is to keep walking 20 minutes a day, also cutting back on high sugar foods minding his portions and food intake.  I have to admit he has cut back his coffee to a double double from a triple triple.  It is a start, and any start is better then no start in my books, however there is always room for improvement with both of us.

As I have said before, and will probably again, walking has to be about one of the best exercises one can do for themselves.  When one sits the majority of the time the body compresses, whereas walking gets all the joints and muscles going and lubricated.  

Even three 10 minute intervals of walking  a day is better then a whole stretch at once if one cannot manage it.  Begin slowly with any exercise and work up to gaining momentum at one's own pace. 

Nobody is out to win a race when trying to get motivated and somewhat fit.

I was unable to get out for a walk today, as sometimes my life lately had not been accommodating a daily walk, however I am out several times, if not more, a day with the puppy and adult dogs.  That counts for something, however still a nice straightforward stroll is much better in my books. However today I was unable to do too much of anything, with the past Saturday and Sunday being much the same.

It is without fail that I never go without a kiss or a *smile* when out with our Lexus, as this pretty pretty girl bestowed both on me today.  This always brightens my days.

This afternoon my doorbell dogs started barking alerting me that someone was here.  In pulled a UPS truck and with more packages.....

2 packages arrived from Apple containing a Jabra Bluetooth headset, and a leather case for my iphone 5s.  I also got an email with a tracking # today letting me know the Teva Sandals I had won last month have been shipped and I will be getting them on the 29th of Sept. !  
Wow it has been that kind Month in the package dept. for me.

Why the packages from Apple?  I had an issue with my iphone which took me over 5 phone calls and the misfortune of my credit card being placed on hold for a new phone not required and being returned back to Apple.  For all the troubles I had experienced I was offered $200.00 in product from Apple.com with a few exclusions of iphones, ipads and such.  I didn't even ask for anything to receive such a generous offer.  

Since then I was place with the highest level of customer service Apple supplies with a lovely young lady contacting me to keep me abreast of what was transpiring all the way from Austin TX.  I must say when they sent me a survey on their most recent customer service experience, I gave her all top marks !  Thank you Apple.

Other then the Teva sandals I had won, I am expecting one more package from Apple with a new lightening charge cord for my iphone.  I think that might be it for a run of packages for awhile.

Today was a most beautiful weather day, as the whole of the upcoming week is going to be.  I sure hope this is not our Indian Summer !!!  or I will really feel ripped off since we had no Spring, or much of a Summer to speak of, so I have been hoping for a lovely Fall.

I am tired, however think I will wait up until my Rob gets home.  Maybe the pup out one more time and a bit of TV will be the order until he does arrive back home, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Aside from the walking, I would suggest, if possible, a swim three times a week or so. It's also great exercise.

    1. Swimming would be grand, but there is no pool in close proximity to us.

  2. So now you need to go for a walk together every day, hand in hand preferably :) At least, that's what my parents do. I hope you feel a little better today.


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