Saturday 23 August 2014

Rusty LOVES Puppies

I am thinking already that our little Portia girl is getting spoiled only into her second week home with us.  The thing is it is not just me doing the spoiling as when Rob came home at 3 am this morning, he took her out of her crate cuddling her in his arms and took her outside to relief herself.  Now if he hadn't been cradling her I might have thought different *smile*.

I never did get back to sleep and got up at my usual 6 am.  I headed on downtown early to go to the bank, thinking I would see how bad the fog was down by the bay as it was really soupy out at our place.

Yes it was extremely soupy with fog, especially for the fisherman out for the 27th Salmon Spectacular Derby.   Who had not been long out of the water that I had run into, was my own brother, Allan.  He left his truck and boat and went along with me to grab a coffee at Tim Hortons.  That had been a short, however pleasant visit.

I was busy getting a few things organized, along with some paperwork off the dining room table.  There seems to be NEVERENDING paperwork !!!  I attempted to get things organized for the arrival of our grandsons tomorrow.  Did I mention how EXCITED I am about that????

On one of our many many trips out into the yard, Portia and I had came across this caterpillar.  I am thinking it is going to be a very pretty white and black one when it eventually emerges from its cocoon.  It had been right in front of Portia ... thank goodness she hadn't seen it or it might not have been no more.  There is LOTS of unique looking Moths around this Summer.

 Since it was such a lovely day with no rain, I thought it might be a perfect day to invite Rusty and his Forever Home Family over to meet Portia.  For those who might not know, Rusty is from our Everything 8 2013 Litter (Buddy & Mercedes).  Rusty LOVES puppies.

By the time I had taken these photos, they had romped themselves out.  I just LOVE when Rusty comes to visit cause I get the most amazing kisses !  

While I was getting Dinner ready my sister, Jeanne, called to see what I had been up to as they were down at the Wiarton Docks fishing.  After we were done eating I called her and told her I would go down for a quick visit with her and Cecil.

I took Portia along so she could also meet Cecil and Jeanne.  Their Grand-Doggie, Pixi, will have her nose out of joint when she gets a whiff of Portia when they got back home.

Jeanne and I went for a short walk out on the pier while Cecil stayed behind.  What a lovely Summer evening (finally).

I LOVE the Bruce Peninsula and so blessed we are able to live here.

Tomorrow I have a very big day ahead of me, as matter of fact I will be having a very busy week ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Rusty and Portia are both adorable together!

  2. We saw that very thick fog,as we were at the Lions Head Trailer park. Came in and out down low and then completely obliterated the whole bay. Quite a sight. Alice Jones

  3. Those white caterpillars are highly toxic... Be careful with your grandsons around.. Love the dogs...

  4. Sounds like you have your days cut out for you but all in fun with your grand son coming ! Cute doggies ! We have a lot of those caterpillars here to they are toxic to the touch . No quite as foggy as you have it up there but we cant see our valley across the way some mornings lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a great day !

  5. I'd be giving Portia lots of cuddles too if I had the chance! She is such a cutie! Yes, the Bruce is a beautiful place and you are very fortunate to live there:)


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