Sunday 17 August 2014

Ho Hum ?

Truly it wasn't a Ho Hum day, but it was one that got off to a slow start as Rob never arrived home until 4 am, so I had tried to tipppy toe around trying to be quiet.  Try to keep a puppy quiet when she thinks she should be otherwise bossy and vocal ... doesn't happen quite that easily.

Poor Rob finally did get up.  I made him some lunch then got the dishes done up before I tackled our bedroom with the duster and vacuum, then got two loads of laundry washed and out on the line.  I never thought I was going to get any laundry out today as it was very grey, overcast and cool.  We finally got a wee bit of Sun late morning, then again late afternoon.

I really need some time to get things caught up before the boys get here, then it will be a mess again, but a good mess, with one day to get organized again prior to going to have my Gall Bladder out on the 2nd of Sept.  Tuesday I have to be in at the Owen Sound Hospital for the pre-opt stuff to be done.  Haven't done that before so it will be a "first for me", although it will all be routine bloodwork, blood pressure, etc...

Rob is hoping tomorrow we have a dry day as our lawn need cut, and the trimming is beyond needing done.  I actually took a couple of minutes to dead head my rose bushes, and felt better for doing so, even though my other flower beds disgust me to even glance there way.  I somehow have to do them just to satisfy myself that they were done, when I have no idea !!!

I belong to a couple Fibromyalgia pages on Facebook.  Today I had a bit of a good read from one that I thought I would share.  Sharing is always good for everyone most times I think.  Like anything else, take what you need for yourself, and leave the rest.  Check it out by *clicking* HERE.  

Our RV we purchased only has one mattress on it and it is hard as a rock.  My trigger points send me almost through the roof sleeping on it.  I have been searching for a Memory Foam Topper at a reasonable price.  I tried a few options such as Walmart and Sears, then found a really great deal ordering online from Costco.  I am pretty pleased with my purchase and it sure is a less expensive option then another mattress.  The great deal, with $60.00 off, I got was HERE.  I am always thrilled when I can get a deal.  I am thinking this was the only thing I needed for the RV as I have extra everything else still from our 5th wheel.  Maybe a thick warm comforter as I had one that I had just given to my niece.

Believe it or not, my Rob is still working as he just left out to do a call.  Me?  I am going to finish up here and call it a night, as I am very very, as usual, tired, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. I hope today's a dry day there and here. I've had more than enough after a week of rain.


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