Monday 4 August 2014

This, That & Kisses

Last night Rob & I decided we would try out our New to Us RV Motorhome, and have a sleepover in it in our driveway (something we have done many times in the past with trailers, as it is the most affordable of Holidaying for us).

We pulled out the couch, and if anyone knows my Rob they know how much he loves his TV, and Rob set up a TV for his watching pleasures.  Really what is camping without a TV & DVD player, right?  (*shaking head*, I much prefer a few good novels).

I left Rob on the couch with Bandit beside him, going back into the bed by myself.  3:00 brought with it cracks of Thunder that seemingly shook the RV and lightening lighting up the sky, with torrents of rain to follow.  I got up to close windows to find Bandit not on the floor beside Rob, but quivering up on the couch beside him.  He is terrified of Thunderstorms.  

However the perfect Summer is warm balmy days full of sunshine and late evenings with warm rains bringing forward a new day, is it not?

A Facebook friend of mine had started putting a "positive" status on her feed everyday for 7 days.  I too had followed suit.  These have been my facebook statuses for the last few days ...

I am grateful for having great friends in my Life.

I am grateful that I have grandchildren who enrich my Life everytime I see or think of them.(Day 2 of 7 for positive thoughts).

I am grateful for where I live on the Bruce Peninsula. I love its beauty, peacefulness and the good air I breath. (Day 3 of 7 for positive thoughts).

I am grateful for food and clean water we have available here in Canada. (Day 4 of 7 for positive thoughts).

Today I am grateful for having such an amazing husband. He truly has been my best friend and Soul Mate from the first day I remember laying eyes on him. Over 20 years we have learned much together, to keep communication open and also to agree to disagree, despite all the disagreements and challenges we have had to face together, there has been much happiness and contentment. I am blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Rob (Wayne Robert Roth) (Day 5 of 7 for positive thoughts).

I have two more days to go.  I Challenge anyone with a Facebook Account also to post 7 days of Positive thoughts on their status.  Ha !  I did have a small moment today when I had told Rob I had said wonderful things on my Facebook page about him, and would he like me to retract them?  *smile*

Our friends, Doug and Vicki, along with their two Dachshunds, Beaner and Sam, have also been enjoying "camping out".

Of course, Doug also has the convenience of TV and DVD in their RV Motor home as well.  Truly it must a a "man thing" is it?

This afternoon, after lunch time, we decided we would go out for a bit of a ride on our motorcyles, since the day was so fine.

To the North & South of our driveway the traffic was backed right up from the traffic lights 4 km south into Wiarton.  We made a left turn out of our driveway North to take the back way around Wiarton, going by the old Checkerboard Road.  No sweat and no heavy traffic whatsoever.

We returned from our ride, picked up fresh sweet corn in Shallow Lake on our way home. 

I had let Lexus out, and Rob let Bandit out when we first got home.  While Rob was inspecting the cargo bins under our RV, Lexus decided she would give him a hand.

Really our Lexus is so nosey !  nothing in there so time to come out and give Rob a huge "smack" on the face.  She is not only nosey, she is also very kissy.

Yes is had certainly been a this, that & kisses kind of day.

Dinner?  our first Sweet Corn of the Year, along with some Newfy Steaks on Egg Buns that needed using up.  It was a grand dinner !

Fresh Sweet Corn?  do not overcook or it will be tough.  Bring water to a rolling boil, add shucked corn, cover and cook for 3 minutes (turn heat down accordingly so water does not boil over pot).

It has been a busy few days, but then again when is it not a busy time in my life?  Relax?  that is exactly what I plan to do with Rob once I select publish this post, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Dogs of course will be nosey about getting into such places!

    And we might have had the same thunderstorms come through today.

  2. Now that sounds like fun to me, sleeping out in the RV in the driveway:) I'm hoping to get a trailer once I sell my PEI home - I like novels too but also like a bit of TV now and again.

  3. No, it's not a 'man' thing, just personal preference. I too would prefer a good book. We get traffic backed up in flesherton and markdale on holiday weekends too, but not for that far!


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