Thursday 14 August 2014

All Day Long

It was get up and run all day long, or truly that is what today seemed like to me.  Awake at 4 am, up at 5 am, doggie duties all done by 6 am, then in and out a couple more times with little Miss Portia (please do not judge me, I know I must appear nuts for getting a new puppy at this stage in the game, however it has always been in my "big picture" of what I have always wanted to do).

I was showered by 7am and dressed, all Facebook updates done before 8 am, and out the door just after 8:30 am.

First stop the Wiarton Chamber Office.  Second stop meeting in Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin).  Third stop Lord Elgin Fish & Chips, rated 2nd best in Canada by Chatelaine.  Fourth stop Chamber Office.  Last stop back home mid-afternoon.

I managed to get my bed done today that was it !

5:30 pm left the house.  First stop Tim Hortons for a large decaf Tea with 2 milk.  Second stop Wiarton Chamber Office.  9:10 pm passed my husband on the way home for my last stop of the day.  Actually I think my last stop of the day will be when my head hits the pillow after I am done a few things here and maybe have a wee bite to eat.

Crazy you say? living life I could come back with.  The only thing I think I could use at this point is to be able to afford someone to clean my house.

Tomorrow?  I hope to stop to smell the roses at some point in the day, speaking of which I haven't deadheaded my rose bushes at the West side of our house for some time now.

Before I sign off I could not believe I actually had to break down and put on a pair of socks and shoes before I left the house at 5:30.   And mid-afternoon ....

... we broke down by "firing" up the woodstove to ward off the dampness of the outside chilly 14*C weather.

Tomorrow? along with smelling the roses I hope we are much much warmer, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Flipping cold here's the generator?
    Jane x

  2. I put a match to the rubble in the wood burner too. Doesn't it feel like September? I wish you could slow down Cindy.

  3. I had a day like that too Cindy. I've only just sat down and it's half past eight now! xx


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