Tuesday 5 August 2014

Early To Rise & Not So Early To Bed

I was exhausted yesterday and went to bed by 9 pm.  I only slept a couple hours before I was wide awake.   Not a good night to be awake as I was out the door and headed South on Hwy 6 by 5:30 am this morning, as I was looking after the Grandchildren today.

I arrived in New Hamburg at 7:45 am, making good timing with not much traffic on the highways.  Everyone had been awake and waiting for me to get there.

By 9 am we were heading up the street to the Dollar Store where everyone got a toy.  After lunch we headed out again, this time downtown, with them on their bikes, and Mercedes and I bringing up the rear on foot.

We were all in dire need of an ice cream cone by the time we battled the humidity getting downtown New Hamburg.

Aiden, Briar & Connor.

Josh, Chloe, and Briar again.

On our way back home I was able to capture the Blue Heron who lives on the Nith River just as we crossed over the Bridge.  He is quite majestic is he not, and truly not bothered at all by being viewed.

We all had a great day together !!!  I LOVE spending the day with the Fabulous Five Kids.

I will be heading back home around 5:30 pm, this time North on the Highways, once Paul arrives home from work.

It is an early to rise & not so early to bed day for me by the time I get back home, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day :)

  2. Quite a day for you! The heron looks grand.

  3. but it sounds as if you've had a really great day Cindy although you had an early start! Great photo of Heron who indeed looks quite stately.

    keep well

    Amanda x


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