Monday 11 August 2014

The Mean Machine

A friend just posted on Facebook that Robin Williams passed away.  I, for one of many, was a huge fan of Robin Williams since his Mork & Mindy days.  Truly a very young age of 63 years, however it has always been news that Robin has suffered from depression.  Depression is a very difficult mental illness, which like everything else, if someone has not experienced themselves have a very hard time understanding.

R.I.P. Robin Williams.

Rob was very busy this morning.  After he returned home from his regular morning run he spent over 2 hours getting a trailer out to bring home.  It had been given to us "free of charge", and we thought it would be a perfect adventure for the kids to have when they manage to get up to visit us.

It is not new by far, and has a couple issues that Rob can probably cover up with some "lipstick & rouge", and it really needs a good CLEANING big time, but still I am sure once that is all done the kids will have a nice little place to have fun in.

Today I had to go have a meeting at the Owen Sound Hospital with the "Mean Machine".  I picked up my friend, Pari, and off to my 3:45 pm appointment we headed to.

This is the "Mean Machine".  Today was Mammagram appointment today, and really even thought necessary it is not the nicest annual experience.  This machine actually is pretty state of the art, fairly new only a couple of years ago.  I would hate to imagine the price tag of this unit.

Yes with a Mother and a maternal Aunt (her sister) having both breast cancer and breasts removed because of, I go annually for these appointments.  It is also my understanding that a known fact is that  if you have a family history of cancer then estrogen supplements are not recommended.  Something I shyed away from when menopause began for me.  

The good news is Mammograms have saved lives, one being my own Mother who had one at 80 years of age which had detected Cancer which had also been an aggressive type.  Good news the "mean machine" brings forth, so I personally have a love hate relationship with it.

When Pari and I had been heading out of Owen Sound I get a phone call from my niece, Joanne, who was apparently following us in her vehicle.  We pulled over to have ourselves a little chit chat and ...

... also a bit of a tailgate party since she happened to have a whole box of frozen goodies.  
Yes it was not only fun, it was also deliciously fun !

I eventually did make it home sometime after 5 where Rob and I got going on making our Dinner together.  He grilled our steaks to perfection on the BBQ and I got the corn shucked and cooked for 3 minutes at a boil to make it tender perfect.  The striploins were grilled for 5 minutes on one side then flipped for two minutes on the other.  A perfectly yummy Dinner it had been.

We are to get quite a bit of rain tonight, up to amounts of 10 mm.  It sure won't be fun taking puppy Portia out in the rain tomorrow, while I patiently wait for her to do her business.  *Sigh* the life of new puppy owners is such ....

Had a nice little chat with my Uncle Reg McArthur at our Family Reunion finding out he was a little put out him and Aunt Gerry were never mentioned in any of my blog posts.  Aunt Gerry and I both corrected him that "yes, indeed Aunt Gerry has been mentioned", but I suppose Uncle Reg hasn't since HERE, when it had been noted they had purchased an Ipad.  In all fairness though that was a WHOLE YEAR AGO, was it not Uncle Reg?  so for you, a Year later, an honourable mention this year for ...


Hahaha .. I am thinking he shall be good until next Year's mention now, don't you Uncle Basil

Poor Rob has't yet caught up on his sleep yet, and I wonder if he ever will.  Me?  I most certainly could use. a bit more myself.  Maybe we can both find ourselves in bed and sleeping earlier then usual this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Such sad news about Robin Williams.
    I have a thing about them.
    Jane x

  2. Popsicles came in quite handy over the weekend while dealing with a sore throat.

    I heard the news in an email as I got in this evening to do some work. It's a shock, to say the least. I live with depression myself, and while therapy has helped me a lot, I do know what it's like to feel completely overwhelmed by the blackness of it.


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