Thursday 7 August 2014

Little Bits

It is funny how sometimes one day runs into another without us sometime noticing what day it is, or was?  I have had a week much like that, now realizing tomorrow is already Friday and I am not anywhere near being ready yet for the weekend before me.

What I did accomplish today was some little bits.  Getting little bits done has to be better then getting no bits done, right?

The little bits I did get done today was our WHOLE bed, including mattress pad, stripped, washed and hung out on the line, still waiting to be made up fresh.  I got my WHOLE van vacuumed out (finally, as it had been really bugging me).  I got the banking done.  And ....

.... Rob & I had a WHOLE meal this evening, even though the dishes are also still waiting to be done.  Truly my husband cooks one of the best steaks around, not missing the mark of almost perfection to far off very often.  A Striploin Steak and side salad hit the spot for Dinner this evening.  Thanks Rob !

After Dinner was over with Lexus had a turn with me going along on a 3 km walk the loop down to the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay and back up along Krib's Road.

At the base of Krib's Road is this Brook which screams out beauty.  My beauty Lexus is always so good to sit while I take photos.  Such a pretty girl.

I was very happy today to get some photos of our pups from two different Forever Homes.

Bindi (who was shaved down for the Summer) & Buddy, who both live in Windsor, got to meet each other today.  Bindi is from our 2012 & Buddy from our 2014 Litters.  Another Buddy, along with Ozzie, who have the same Forever Home, are pretty handsome dudes.  Buddy, behind, is from our 2011 Litter & Ozzie from our 2013 Litter.  I sure love getting updates on our pups.

Hopefully tomorrow I get a few more bits done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. I wonder what these siblings, who haven't met before, make of each other!

    That steak looks delicious!


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