Wednesday 6 August 2014

Rest & Relaxation NOT

Today rest & relaxation ?  NOT !  as it was more of a "catch up" day as will be the next to days ahead.

Rob had just got home from his usual morning run when our friends, Doug & Vicki called from down the road, as they had left for home this morning, as their trailer hitch had broke.  They were still only the other side of Owen Sound so Rob had ran down with one he had here for them.  Thank God for safety chains, and that is why they have them.

Back home again Rob tackled our lawns which were almost as high as the hay fields are getting again.  That took him a good part of the day, and a very nice warm day it had been today.

I got laundry on the go and a few other household chores here and there.  There is never a lack of things to do when you have a home.

Mid-afternoon we took a bit of a break, until Lexus could not contain herself and had to start bugging.  It wasn't long before Bandit moved the ball that had been in front of him and the chase was on again !  Never a lack of amusement at our house with the Aussies.

Dinner was not very ambitious this evening, it was what ever we wanted to grab for ourselves.  This is what happens when you are beyond tired and really do not care too much about what you are going to eat.

At 7 pm I decided I should get out for a walk since I had been slacking in that department since our company had arrived last Thursday.  Rob dropped Buddy and I off across Hwy 6 over on Bruce Road 9 where we walked down to the Government Dock where he collected us from.  It was only a 2 km walk, but it was a nice outing for Buddy and I.

Every day it seems that our Buddy boy gets more and more affectionate.  Truly he has finally starting coming around nicely since we got him 2 years ago.  Lots of patience and consistency goes a long way.

It is my Family Reunion this weekend and the kids are coming up Saturday morning.  Lots of things for me to get done before they arrive, as well as to finally decide on what I will be taking to the Family Reunion.  Black Bean & Feta Salad? and a Crock Pot of Meatballs & Sauce? or maybe a Banana Cake too?  decisions, decisions.  I also need to get a nice clean cardboard box to pack up everything that needs to go along in the way of table cloth, plates, etc ....

I am looking forward to getting much more accomplished tomorrow, now that I have a handle on the laundry and the bathroom was cleaned today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Thank you again for having us and putting up with my noisy boys. Really appreciated Rob saving us. We carry spares of everything but of course he forgot the trailer hitch!

  2. Wow it finally allowed me to comment!!!!

  3. That last pic of Buddy's perfect!

  4. good to see photos of the "gang" hope the weather won't be too hot and muggy for the reunion.

  5. Whoa - pretty scary about the trailer hitch!! Enjoy your family reunion - hope the weather cooperates for you!


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