Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Puppy Visit

I had a startling awakening after 3 am this morning to a car alarm sounding off.  Of course I had to wake Rob as he didn't hear it blaring.  We got up to go check thinking someone was trying to steal one of our vehicles to realize it was our neighbour's truck 3 houses up from us.  I am sure the whole North of Wiarton had been woken up.  I suspect, or hope, it had been a deer or animal passing through his driveway that had set it off, as he has stated they walk right across his front lawn over to the Highway.

Tired? of course and I even had a little help to feel more so today.  Rob too poor guy.  This change in barometer has also brought not only piercing headaches and extra aches and pains to me, but to Rob too.  I spoke to my son's fiance today, and even her and the kids were effected today with headaches, sore throats and necks.  Strange ... bring us some warmth please Mother Nature !!!

Poor Rob had a bad day today.  We must be taking turns at those bad days.  I got a call about lunch time, as he was on the side of the road ...

... with a flat tire.  Thank goodness, however unpleasant, he knows how to change a tire, once we had gotten a good spare tire from home.

I told him it could have been worse by not happening only minutes from home.

We had a visitor today in the form of one of our 4 month old puppies.  Our Red Tri Maile pup, Ace, came to visit with his Forever Home owners.

After Ace had a big romp with his Mama Lexus, photoed bottom picture, he posed with his Father, Bandit & his Forever Home Humans.  What a handsome pup he is, and his owners are so happy with him and his wonderful disposition.  Even little Portia had joined in on some of the fun.

It was a great visit.  Truly it  is nice to not only hear how well all our pups are doing, but to also see the odd one at times in person.  Lucky us.  My camera had been taking blurry photos, that I realized there had been a nose print on the lenses later on ... silly me.

Finally my Calla Lilies have started to bloom after planting them months ago.  They have definitely not been lacking water from the amount of rainfall in our rain gauge we had this past weekend, with more coming our way.

I could not believe I had actually put a chicken in the Oven to roast today.  A very unusual thing for me to be able to do the past months.  When we sat down to have our Dinner I had mentioned to Rob that it was the first complete meal we have sat down to for sometime.... he told me to shhh in case the phone rang.

Once we enjoyed our meal without any interruptions, Rob said to go ahead to make my previous statement.  It was enjoyed !

Tomorrow?  I can not believe it will already be Thursday with the weekend upon us in a matter of two more days again.  I need to catch a break to get somethings done in this house ! as our boys, Aiden and Connor, will be arriving on Saturday ... HOORAY for us !!!

Hopefully there will no crazy alarms in the night, or phone calls this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. It doesn't take much to set off a car alarm, and an animal passing by will do it.

    Ace looks good!


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