Saturday 2 August 2014

Another Girl's Day !

Yes Vicki and I had almost another girl's day.  What we did have was part of one when we headed out garage saling this morning.  There were not as many as there usually are Canada Day, however we still managed to find a few here and there.

There was one we headed out to and never thought we would arrive there.  It had been way out in the boonies.  Vicki found one treasure there for her Dachshunds.

The first one we landed at, at 8 am, I was lucky to have gotten two lovely wicker tables which will go perfect with my wicker love seat and chair set.  I had also found my sister and brother-in-law a lovely brand new bed and mattress set.

The bed is lovely, the wicker tables I am thrilled with, and then there was the blue bird I found that matched up with my others to a "t".  It was a really good Garage Sale find day.  The wicker tables were $10.00 each & I got them for $15.00 for both, so that even made me more pleased then punch.

Vicki and I had ourselves a few laughs this morning, one was over me coming out with the old saying, "a day late and a dollar short".  Does anyone remember that one?

When we got home there had been a little fun with my pretty girl Lexus when I had let her out.

"Bums Up ! and she had turned up with the biggest stick she could find on the property.  What a funny entertaining girl she had been.

This afternoon my my niece, sister and her hubby dropped over after coming to town to pay for the bed.  They stayed for a cuppa tea then headed back for home.

I never did get my month end done today, however tomorrow I must get my nose to the grindstone with the payroll, deposit and billing.  I will close myself in for most of the morning until it is done.

I hear other parts of Ontario have been getting lots of rain and/or severe Thunder Storm warnings.  I am thinking we will get some rain yet tonight as I feel it in my bones.  Tomorrow is suppose to be lovely and we have plans to get out on our motorcycle and head out down the road a bit with Doug and Vicki.

Poor Rob has been busy most of the day, and I am thinking he will be well into the wee hours of tomorrow morning too.  Me?  I will be heading to bed soon and getting up more then likely in the wee hours of the morning, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. No rain here, although Gill got hammered with hailstones!
    Jane x

  2. You truly found some great finds!

  3. No rain here today as of yet, but who knows?


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