Tuesday 26 August 2014

What A Day That Was !

Last night was an extremely restless evening for me.  I had been up at 2 taking Portia out, then at 4 am the phone started ringing, every 20 minutes with someone's fax machine dialing our number, right up until after 5:30 am.  I was peeved about that ... then it was time to really get up for the day by 6 am.

Aiden, Connor and I headed out the door just before 10 am.  The boys had no idea where we were going.  The day was very warm and the Sun in the sky, a perfect day for where I was taking them to ...

Story Book Park, over by Owen Sound.  They had been very excited.  We started out with taking the train first around the park so we could get our bearing a bit before heading out on foot to decide what we would do first.

They hit the rides first.  I could not believe these same rides were the same as my parents used to take me to when I was a little girl up at Sauble Beach !  I had wondered if they had been the very same ones?  Geesh that would be something wouldn't it?

The majority of the day was spend at the Waterpark, more so at the Water Slides then at the Splash Pads.  They had so much fun here !

I was one tired Grandma, but still they talked me into going on the Strawberry Ride that went around, around and around.  OMG I thought I was going to be sick ... the same feeling I had 31 years ago when I had taken my 37 year old on them when he was 6 years old !

More fun ....

The last ride before leaving the park after 4 hours of Fun !

After we had left the Park we stopped for Ice Cream, then went to the Giant Tiger Store in Owen Sound.  Aiden got new shoes and a hat, and Connor got a new shirt, both Birthday Gifts from Poppa and I.

We eventually did make it back home, much to my relief, where I got Dinner on the go then if the day hadn't been enough off for a walk we went.

Down we walked past the Wiarton Marina toward the Water Treatment Plant.  The boys had fun throwing rocks and wading, while Portia had fun grabbing and barking at the waves.

What a day that was !  and I am pretty much beyond ready for bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I can imagine wanting to strangle the fax machine that was misdialling your phone!

  2. Story Book Park is fantastic. We took 2 of our grandchildren there on Sunday... They love it each and every time... it was a great day,much better weather than earlier in the summer when we had 3 of the littles there....
    What a pain to have the fax phone calls....


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