Tuesday 15 July 2014

Tall You Say?

I was up well before 6 am today, however never slept too well all evening with much tossing and turning, adjusting my pressure points.  Regardless of how much sleep I didn't get I was very happy once I got going to realize I had more energy then I had the past week.

Even more happier that I got our bathroom cleaned (the WHOLE bathroom Aunt Gerry, not just parts of it), our bedroom vacuumed and the wall across the patio doors, where the woodstove is located, all dusted and ceramic floor washed.  Now there is on 99% left to be cleaned, but truly I got something done which is better then nothing in my books !

I had just gotten the dogs out and back in this morning before the thunder and rain rolled in after 6 am, all except for Bandit as he would not budge no matter how bad he had to go with that Thunder rolling across the skies.  Finally after it had subsided for the first bit this morning I finally got his sorry butt out the door to do his business.

Rob and I both had to go out about the first time this morning and go figure ....

.... Murphy's Law.  The dark clouds started rolling in.  The same time I was making a run for my vehicle hail was coming down about the size of dimes, then the torrents of rain followed.  It was all over and done with by the lunch hour.  

It was a day I would have liked to accomplished more, however I was still happy for what I had gotten done.  I had also made a trip into our Doctor's office to pickup a prescription for our orthotics that I had forgotten about last week, as well as set up an appointments for my sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil.

People who are fortunate to get a Doctor these days are very blessed, especially with so many without a personal Doctor.  And even more fortunate when one gets a Doctor who they really like, is even more of a blessing, is it not?  Everyone I have spoken to have all spoke highly of Dr. Diodati, more fondly called Dr. Dave.  He is attentive, listens and appears to be very thorough, as has been my experience with Dr. Dave.

Just before 6 pm I received a phone call from my friend, BJ's husband, Paul, tipping me off that two of the Tall Ships were heading into Colpoy's Bay towards the Wiarton Marina.  I asked Rob to put my Turkey Burger on hold, and headed on down to the Government Dock (5 minutes from us) to see if I could spot them.

Sure enough they were coming in the Bay at a far clip.  I suppose the winds were not right as the sails were all down.  Both Ships were way across the Bay from the dock.

A perfect backdrop the escarpment makes for such a majestic ship.

This is first I had seen a Tall Ship in person, even though they had been off in the distance.  I really would have liked to gone into Wiarton to see them closer, however my Dinner was still awaiting.  There are just some days a girl can only do so much, and this much was very rewarding thanks to my friends being so thoughtful enough to take the time out to call me.  Thanks again, Paul and BJ !

I have a really super duper two days cut out ahead of  me, so on that note I think I will sign off for now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The escarpment is of course an amazing backdrop for most any shot!

  2. I love the tall ships! We went on a Great Lakes Cruise on one last year. It was just FANTASTIC!

  3. Gorgeous Cindy pictures Cindy!!! This got me thinking and there is going to be a Tall Ship Festival here in Port Washington, WI in August, something I have always wanted to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to go, need to check into it further:) Lynn~

  4. Let me try that again.....Gorgeous Pictures Cindy!!!

  5. We saw the Tall Ships in Midland and Penetang last summer, we were actually able to get quite close to them as they were sailing in the same time we were coming in. So nice to see them under sail, not using their engines. Lucky you live so close to the Bay. Alice


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