Thursday 24 July 2014

More Kids !

More kids !  I was very excited today as Paul, Liz and the girls, Chloe and Briar, were coming up today for a visit with us.   They were not to arrive until almost Dinner time, so there was lots to do before they arrived.

I boiled potatoes and eggs for Potato Egg Salad, cleaned the spare bedroom up, and a number of other little things that always need doing, along with a load of laundry.

I cleaned out a whole drawer of old bills from over 2 years ago.  Love having a burn barrel, as it makes less garbage and it is easy to dispose of private papers no longer required.

The kids arrived and  Mercedes is here for a visit with us too !  She was very happy to see us.

After Dinner of Ribs, Chicken, Salads and rolls, the girls wanted to have a tour of the RV Motorhome.  They were very very excited.

With everybody "on board" we got to go for our first ride up the Hwy to the Handicraft House and back.  It sure was different and will take some getting used of on my part.  Rob was in his comfort zone having had his "B" license when driving School Bus and then drove Snow Plow for the Townships, so he is used to big vehicles.

After our ride we headed on down to Bluewater Park where the girls had some fun.

Photos were also taken with the Wiarton Willie Statue, the Exercise Equipment was tried out with a few laughs, and Chloe even walked Bandit a bit for me.

We got home before the Sun was down as it had really cooled off and the bugs had been biting.

Liz had brought me a bouquet of Sunflowers.  Sunflowers are one of my most favourite Flowers.  Are they not lovely?

The kids are staying until at least lunchtime tomorrow, so we might be heading down to the Wiarton Farmer's Market in the morning.

I am tired and going to be heading off to bed very shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Seeing you burning your bills I always save mine for the winter and use them to light my fires. Perhaps yours stays in for the whole of winter.

    1. I needed to purge the two years worth I had in a drawer. We burn all out paper in the woodstove all Winter, and then some.

  2. An enjoyable evening, it looks like. That Wiarton Willie statue is something I haven't seen, if I recall.


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