Sunday 27 July 2014

Lazy Dazy Sunday

Rob arrived home at 3:30 am, after being out making certain people who had attended a Wedding up on the Bruce Peninsula got back to where they were staying safely.  I had been awake with the pain in my right side and my back.

It seems like everything I eat lately upsets my tummy.  The Tecta meds the Doctor had prescribed do not seem to give much relieve at times.  No worries in 6 weeks time I will have one or two less pains then I already have.  The nice thing about it all is if I only require the Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery, there will only be an approximate 10 day recovery.  10% require full surgery, and I am thinking or hoping I will not be part of that 10% as that requires at least 6 weeks recovery time I believe.

When Rob had his Gall Bladder removed he was off work the full six weeks, despite having tghe Laproscopic surgery, however his type of work that time was very physical so I am sure the Doctor wanted him to take the extra precautions.

Today I was tired and Rob, naturally so, was tired.  I was not only tired, I was lazy as well.  All I did was one load of laundry and a few dishes.  I also went on a run from Southampton to Owen Sound and back home with Rob late this afternoon.

Once we had gotten back Rob was called out again.  Getting home the second time he dropped Buddy and I down at the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay.  We walked home from there.

My Buddy boy & I only did 2 km from the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay back up to Hwy. 6, however the ascent up that hill felt like an extra 2 km.  Both our tongues were hanging to our knees and the sweat was on our brows. Nice to have such a wonderful walking companion, as there hadn't been one complaint from either of us.  If only his social manners were as fantastic as his heeling manners, he would be the perfect dog, but we LOVE him for him.  Who couldn't love a face like that ?

Rob made us BBQ'd Turkey Burgers when I got back home.  Yum Yum, love me those turkey burgers.  Moist and full of flavour goodness.  Much more appealing to me then a regular Hamburger made with beef.

Last night around 10:30 pm we had quite the thunder banger and lightning show.  The rain had been coming down so hard you could hardly see through it.  Poor Bandit was shaking like a leaf.

It is now raining again as I type.  The reason for my headaches, however it smells nice and fresh.  Good thing the farmer who bought our standing Hay cut Wednesday, baled Friday and took it off early Saturday morning.

I think I am going to carry on with my lazy dazy Sunday right through the remainder of the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Buddy does look quite distinguished!

    We had some of that weather around here, though it didn't actually rain. You could see dark clouds around everywhere else.

  2. I had my gallbladder out 14 years ago by Laparoscopic surgery and it took weeks for me to recover but mine was severely infected and double it's size and full of toxins and I had a 4.4mm stone blocking the bio duct so I had to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks before they could operate . I have heard that some people can eat anything after and some cant , me I cant lots of foods upset my tummy have done since it was taken out . I do hope you get it all sorted out and feel better soon . We got hammered with rain last night and a good storm with it . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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