Friday 18 July 2014

A Good Day

I was so tired last night I don't even remember anything after my head hit the pillow until I awoke before 6 am this morning.  I slept well, which I definitely needed.

I felt so good I got going pretty much right off the bat at some much needed and overdue housework.  Even though I did not get done what I had set out to do, I still managed to get some of the furniture moved and some of the floors washed, dusting done, and some more paperwork cleared away (why is there ALWAYS paperwork???).

I received this photo by text this morning.  How could this not start off anyone's day on the right foot?  

Aiden, Chloe, Briar & Connor.

I had called my sister Jeanne also this morning to invite them to come up to have Dinner with us.  They arrived a bit earlier then dinner, but I still managed to get everything back somewhat in order to make us all lunch after Rob was done cutting the lawn(s).

After lunch Rob had to go out on a call while Jeanne, Cecil and I headed down to the Wiarton Farmer's Market.

As soon as we got back home Jeanne & Cecil headed for the comfort of the swing.

Good thing we had all arrived home when we had, Rob included, as a big truck pulled in with a delivery.  I am so EXCITED as our new Gazebo arrived today, even though goodness knows when it will get put up, it is still here !!!  .... and it is a hard top one so no more seams coming apart ... and it has a 3 year warranty too !

Late this afternoon Jeanne and I left Cecil relaxing in the rocker on the front stoop while we headed down to have a much overdue (on my part) visit with our Mother.

We had first stopped at Tim Hortons so I could get Mom a Coffee, as you can see she LOVES Tim Horton's coffee.  Then I  had her "wave" and say "hello" so I could text my Paul this photo of her, since he has always been Grandma's boy, and I do so every time I go visit her.

Jeanne was uncomfortable sitting on the side of Mom's bed so I gave up the chair for her and laid back and relaxed on Mom's bed, as you can tell by my feet, while having some laughs and carrying on with the two of them.  It had been a fun visit.  We had to leave when it was time for Mom to go down for her dinner.

Once back home I finished getting our Dinner of Ribs, Rice and Pork & Beans together.  Jeanne and Cecil left shortly after we were finished, as they were a bit weary themselves.

Oh yes I almost forgot ... I had been contacted by the Wiarton Echo, our local newpaper, asking if they could print one of my photos I took of the Tall Ships earlier this week.  It will be on the front page of next weeks edition of the Wiarton Echo.  I am flattered of course.

It has been a good day.

The dishes are done up, Rob has gone out on another call, and I am going to take care of our Aussies for the last time this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Very good of the Echo to do that... I'll have to see if that one's listed in a database here that allows access to multiple newspapers.

    The kids look happy!

  2. Oh, I hope the new gazebo is a lot better quality!!


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