Monday 14 July 2014

Not Much ....

.... to say this day.  I find myself back in another "slump", caused by Life in General catching up with me.  I can hardly make it to the end of some days on a regular day, but after going strong for a week or so it really catches up with me.

I just returned from a walk with my neighbour, and we barely made 3 km this evening.  3 km is better then nothing in my books.

I really really need to get out of this slump and get my mojo back soon as I have a very very busy day this Wednesday and Thursday that I can not miss out on no matter what !!!

I did have an appointment with our Bank Account Manager, which is an annual meeting to see if there is anything needing changed up.  Not much to change up when there isn't anything much there to change now is there?  *smile*  Still I cashed in my RBC Rewards points to the tune of $700.00, which will be applied directly onto our mortgage when I receive the certificates.  This is what I cash our Points in on every Year.

How do you use your Reward Points?

Our Dinner this evening was simply a can of Pork & Beans, Homemade Potato & Egg Salad, and BBQ'd Chicken Breasts with Chipolte BBQ Sauce.

Definitely wasn't too fancy pants at our house tonight with the can of beans put right onto the table to help ourselves from.  Really? why dirty a dish ? 

Yes I am short winded these past few days, which I am certain can't always be a bad thing, can it?  I am off and NOT running, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I only really have the air miles rewards- that tends to go on electronics, though I haven't redeemed points in a couple of years, at least.

  2. Hope you get your mojo back soon Cindy. I know what you mean though - I fall in to bed at 10.00pm and am asleep within half a page of my book! x

  3. 3 KM sounds really good to me, especially right now :)

  4. I went shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore with my PC Plus Points and got almost enough points added on to give me $20.00 worth of shopping later and also used $20.00 worth of rewards for the shopping I did that day. All this because we were at the Marina to see what was happening to our boat. Nothing! She is still sitting on the hard and her engine has not even been taken out. Good job I had a great shopping experience out of it. Wish we had a RCS near us.


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