Wednesday 23 July 2014

Home, Parked & Ready To Go !

Today I was planning on having company come for lunch.  Really not company, but family, family we do not get to see as often as we would like.  Two Grandsons and a Daughter that live further down South on Lake Huron.

Rob's daughter, Sarah, and her two boys Chase and Greyson are cottaging not too far from us, and made today the day to come have a visit with Rob and I.  We had a great lunch together !  The boys are quite entertaining, more so Greyson who is five years old and quite the "ham", and Chase, more the social one, who is ten years old.

After lunch I went up with them to show them the "other" side of Berford Lake at the public park.

I suppose Sarah and I had spent too much time catching up on our visit, as I only got a photo of her walking away, missing out on her very beautiful face.  The boys had themselves a bit of fun.

Not sure if we will see them again before they head back home after their week of holidays, however Sarah and I do keep in touch from time to time by phone, and of course I get to see what photos of the boys she posts to her Facebook Page.  I enjoy keeping up with Chase's soccer progress, and just heard was a great goalie he is !  Greyson, I believe, will be joining a team next year.

Late this afternoon  the farmer who purchases our "standing" hay fields which surround our house, dropped by to get it cut.

The field to the East of us was quite thick and tall, while the one to the South and West was thick, but not as tall.  It should be all baled by Friday is his plan.  Bandit and Lexus will have their annual Bale jumping fun ... photos to follow that day.

Yes Rob has scrimped and saved for some time, and this was actually the "rig" he drove home to our place late yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness gasoline prices had been down 10 cents from last month !!!

Yes he was in his glory driving home in the 1991 Citation 37 foot RV Motorhome.  It must have been just like having his Bus License still while driving 37 feet of vehicle.  After our Dinner we decided to take some photos .... since she is home, parked and ready to go (almost).

Rob decided to capture myself and Bandit opening it up to make our entry.  Bandit LOVES it, as we haven't had a travel trailer for a couple of years now.  Yes Bandit does love camping as much as I do ! 

Up front where the driver and co-pilot would sit (not certain if that will be me or Bandit yet).  Heading towards the back through the kitchen/dining area down the hallway leading to the back bedroom where there is a Queen size bed, along with lots of closet/cupboard space and a privacy door.

Heading back up to the front, stopping along the way to look into the 4 pc washroom.  Before the dining area there is hall closet.

Yes, at the end of the hallway, coming from the bedroom is a bit more cupboard space as Rob and Bandit discovered.  Up front the co-pilot's seat swivels around facing the seat directly behind creating more dining space (great space for the grandkids I thought).

Now that it is home and parked in our driveway, we will have us some fun pretending we are camping out in some really neat far away places.  Time to start saving again so hopefully next Year we will actually be able to get away for at least 1 week.  Would that not be nice? that is the plan.

Today I had quite a bit Gall Bladder discomfort, almost thinking it was going to turn into an attack.  I took it easy sitting for awhile and it finally passed.  I was happy for that as I was not relishing heading up to the hospital to get something prescribed for the pain, as I do not think my regular pain meds might not have done the trick otherwise.

Yes it has been another busy day behind me, and tomorrow? oh it is even going to be busier then today was I am afraid.

Funny thing this morning while I was picking up a couple of items at our local Foodland store, I passed a lovely  acquaintance who, after I had said "hello", said, "you are on the run again".  Really I must look like I am always on the go, which truly if I wasn't most of the time I know I would surely cease up .... I think a week away would do both Rob and I a World of good.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hope you get some good use out of that camper!

  2. Congratulations on your travel/camper home. Don't wait a year, go now---even if just for a weekend. You'll be happy you did. They're a lot of fun. Bess

  3. Terrific RV! I'm sure Bandit was happy to explore every bit of it.

  4. Looks to me like Bandit has staked out the co-captain's chair! I had a Citation trailer and loved it - it was parked at a trailer park outside of Bayfield - it wasn't one I could drive around in. I love that lifestyle - yours looks in excellent condition!

  5. I love the rv. I'm trying to convince Himself that we should get something a little more substantial than the borrowed tent trailer we use. I have visions of us touring the country once the children have vacated the premises.

  6. I'm very, very envious of your camper. We'd love one! xx

  7. Rod and I often talk about getting an RV and selling up and travelling.......but we wouldn't see the kids or grand kids as often and that's what puts us off, oh and lack of money!!!


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