Wednesday 2 July 2014

Stink Eye

I was so busy yesterday that I am sure I didn't know which foot my shoes should have gone on this morning.  You know that feeling when your body feels like it is going to come apart at the joints and your eyeballs are hanging out of your eyes?  Yes that feeling best describes how my body felt this day.

How did I manage to get myself feeling so? well it all started out pretty good Yesterday ...

The Morning Doves had been out with the Honeysuckle, and not far away the Roses had been either in bud or full bloom.  

I had headed on downtown Wiarton around 7:30 am to pickup my Mom a coffee to drop off to her at the Gateway Nursing Home residence.  When I arrived I could not find her then realized she had been having her bath.  I left her the coffee with regret I was unable to have a wee visit with her, but hopefully will be able to at the end of this week.  Geesh the end of this week is not that far off either now I think about it.

When I went to leave I walked out into torrents of rain coming down.  Not a good sign to the beginning of a day with Canada Day Festivities to be going on in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  Not to worry as it did clear and the day had been saved !!!!

Out and about on my travels that morning I happened to come across something very familiar to me when growing up as a child in Southampton ON.  Snapping Turtles were very common to Fairy Lake which is located adjacent to the G.C. Huston Public School.  They used to lay their eggs on our play ground and there would be literally millions them hatch to make their way across the playground to the little lake (as my Mom used to call Fairy Lake).  Truly it was a sight to behold, especially from very young eyes.

There he or she was travelling at a steady pace up the side of Silver Lake Road, stopping when he realized he was being watched.  Slowly he turned his head towards me, and yes I got the STINK EYE from him I do believe !

Later on this same day, Canada Day, July 1st  ....

... driving towards home, 1 minute if that from where we live, I came up to the reason the traffic had been so backed up downtown Wiarton.  I can only think that with it being a one vehicle accident that speed might have been a contributing factor.  Very *sad* day for someone or more.

The day started going upwards after passing the accident.  The weather was improved immensely from the mornings cloud bursts and torrent of rainfall so the festivities could go forward.

Before I headed over to the WDCC offices I got to see a couple of my friends.  First was Cathy & Clare of Cathy's Confections, then Russell & Abby Miners of Miners Maple Products, and then my girlfriend, Lynn, who volunteers for the Wiarton District Lion's Club.  I love catching up with friends !

Right after a bit of chatting I went to the Chamber offices where I was helping with counting money before the deposits were made.  The Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce sponsor the Wiarton Canada Day festivities while a Service Club is invited to host the activities.  I believe the Wiarton District Optimist Club has hosted this event for the past 3 years running, and the Chamber does the Fireworks.

While doing my Volunteer Duties as one of the Chamber Directors, I received a phone call ...

... from my youngest Son, Paul, who proposed to his Elizabeth at a romantic dinner last night.  I could not be more pleased to learn that Elizabeth did indeed accept his proposal.  A lovely choice of ring my Son made, as I am very partial myself to White Gold & Diamonds.   This news most certainly set my mood for most the remainder of the evening.

By the time the Fireworks were being set up, shortly after 10 pm, we took a brief break from our duties of money counting to see about 5 minutes of the display.  It was a lovely display from what we got to see above the trees.

I can not believe we never left the Chamber Offices until 12:07 am.  Needless to say I got home and went right to bed.

Today?  Crabby Cabbie billing and paperwork.  I was tired and drained all day, as Canada Day was most certainly a BIG Celebration for me especially after I had gotten that Stink Eye.

My eyeballs are still attached to my head, however I am pretty sure an early evening is in order for me this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I'm so happy for your son! And that's a beautiful ring!

  2. Congratulations to Paul and Elizabeth. So nice for you to have such a lovely daughter-in- law. That must be a busy household with all the kids. Too bad you missed your Mom after going out of your way to bring her a nice treat. Hope it was still warm when she found it. It was nice seeing you last week. Can't imagine how Nicole and Anita keep up the pace. Alice

  3. Congratulations to Paul and Elizabeth!

    Snappers are fast when they want to be.


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