Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Flattery Will Get Me Everywhere !

Ha ! Flattery will probably not get me everywhere, however it still made me feel pretty good to know the Best Ever Ham & Cheese Quiche, that is a favourite in my recipe collection, was featured over at Michelle's Ms.en Place: See Ya in the Gumbo, last week.  Thanks Michelle for being such a lovely hostess as always.

Drop on over to Michelle's weekly, See Ya in the Gumbo, to see all the fantastic featured recipes posted over there as well as new posts below.  Here is the "go to" link:

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Onto my day at hand.

I was exhausted ... again? still?  It was yet another sleepless night.  I will have to get onto making my cup of Cocoa with hot milk tonight.  I didn't get out of bed this morning, I am sure until after 7:30 am.   That is almost "unheard" of for me to do such a thing.  And to think my gang allowed it to happen was another biggie !!!

Really did I get motivated once I was up, dressed, had been out, about and back in with the gang?  NO !  I am certain I didn't get any motivation going until after the lunch hour, and that probably is because I was feeling a little bit guilty about not having done anything all morning.  Oh I did call my sister, Donna, to wish her a Happy Birthday this morning, and of course I had made the bed.

"Once the "guilt" really set in I hit the books, while the Sun shone brightly outside our doors.  There was a huge rainfall last night leaving mini lakes in our back fields."

The good news was I managed to get one month on the books with only two more months to go, then we got to go out to enjoy some Sunshine for a bit later in the day.

"I had let Bandit out the front door, while Lexus came out the side basement door with me.  She was trotting along nicely then she spotted Bandit."

"One of many stand offs.  The race was on back to me.  Well, maybe a racing Lexus and a trotting along Bandit?"

"Lexus is really such a brat with Bandit putting up with way too much most days from her, and Mercedes too for that matter.  The muddy wet dogs went back into the basement, while I took Mercedes out for a turn by herself.  Buddy? he was out in the outside run as it was such a beautiful day."

 I went out to retrieve our mail.  At the end of our driveway I could see a white blob sitting out there.  I was not impressed when I got to the spot to have realized someone had pitched a dirty diaper out of their window while driving by.  How rude people are !!!  Grrr things like that upset me to no end.  I have left it there until I go back out with a double bag to pick it up and put it into our outside garbage bin.

"On my return back to the house I did a very quick survey of my side flowerbeds.   I estimate there is going to be lots of work needing done in them once things dry up with it hopefully getting a bit warmer.  My work is certainly cut out for me in these areas, never mind the vegetable garden."

``Last night's dinner was one of my favourites, however simple.  Romaine lettuce with a bit of red onion sliced into it with choice of dressing, mine being Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Rob, Caesar.  The Chicken fingers, all white meat, were done crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  Tonight was Spaghetti, another simply good meal."

YIKES !  I almost forgot one of my Highlights of the day.  I made a call to my Blogger friend, Kat of Kat's Retirement Journey.  I met Kat when I was her substitute Secret Sister for the Secret Swap hostessed by the lovely Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily, from time to time.  Kat and I began emailing each other after she had received her gift from me.  We seemed to hit it off in our correspondence, so two phone calls later found easy and fun conversations to follow as if we have been fast friends forever.  I LOVE when that happens !

It is nice to have friends in other parts of the World.  This way I get a whole new World opened up to me through their eyes.  Look at the money I am saving by not having to travel to all these places?  Ha! like I have all that kind of cold cash hanging around, right?  *smile*

Speaking of cash.  Here I go again with the "Please cast a daily Vote" for my Crabby Cabbie's cause.  No cost to you, just a *click* on the following link and one more wee *click* to Vote.  Kat was also telling me today, it is also open for US residents to *click* their Vote, as she has been rooting by voting for my Crabby Cabbie too.   Once again, until the 6th of May, here is the link:


As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

Am I still tired? of course I am.  I am going to get that milk heated up, add that dark cocoa powder, a quarter teaspoon of sugar, and hopefully it does it "magic" by bringing me a good nights sleep, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerobard."


  1. You know, yesterday I was watching "Steve and Chris" (I believe, it's a Canadian show but I could be wrong). And they had some doc on the show, one of those health nut guys. And he said that you can use pumpkin seed powder as a natural sleep aid. Interesting, right? I've never seen it but I would assume, you can find it in a healthy store somewhere. Or maybe, just eat some pumpkin seeds before bed...I just thought of you when I heard it :)

    1. Hi Lena, Yes S&C are two of my favourite hosts and they are indeed Canadian. I will try the pumpkin seeds! Aimee

  2. I love the links, Cindy! I love reading blogs and links I would have never run into.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. Your flower beds look like mine! Our weather is nice enough to work on them but I'm in a lazy girl mood

  4. Hi Cindy! Finally got around to voting for your "Crabby Cabbie" yay!! :)
    Your fur babies look like they are having a blast outside! My two are loving the warmer weather Windsor is getting too!
    ...Off to make that delish looking salad! ;)

  5. I've just voted for your business andI'm about to "like" you on face book. You had another full day. Enjoy that warm cocoa. Blessings...Mary

  6. Hi Cindy~I have to confess....I have never, ever made a quiche! I saw yours featured at See Ya in the Gumbo....one of my favorite link ups....and I realized I have never made one before~ Think I'll give your recipe a try! I'll let you know how we like it:) Lynn

  7. The dogs must be pleased by a turn in the weather....


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