Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools Right?

~Photo Credit Facebook~

"Yes he did "lie" either that or this was a very bad April Fools Joke."

Rob and I had a very blustery drive, with high winds swaying our vehicle, into Owen Sound this morning as we made our way to our Accountants to pickup our Income Tax for ourselves, my Mother, and The "Crabby Cabbie".  The winds had been very high since early this morning.  It was a very cold outing first thing with the "Checkerboard Aussies" ... brrr.

The trip into Owen Sound had a couple of bonuses as well, one being from my friend, Sharon, who had "just" recently returned from a much warmer Florida State, bringing along some goodies for myself, as well as Burt's Bees Creams for Carla and I.  The second was stopping in at the Dollar Store where I "scored" some Easter Goodies at 3/$1.00, finding out it had been a mistake on the signage when I got to the check-out, but which they honoured the price anyway.

"Sharon had not only gotten us the Burt's Bees cream, she had also picked me up some Hershey's Cinnamon Chips that can only be gotten in the US.  Remember those yummy Mammoth Apple Cinnamon Muffins I had made?  Thanks again, Sharon !  And look at the "score" of Easter goodies  Nice bonus to make the Grandson's Easter bags a wee bit fuller, since I will not be seeing them for another week or two (hopefully)."

By the time we had gotten back home it was 11:30, time to make us some lunch, after the "gang" were first taken care of.  Lunch dishes done up, bed made, a couple phone calls taken care of and then it was off again to do some errands downtown Wiarton.

Gilbert Shoes, Pinkerton's Carquest, RBC, Bennett's Dollar Store, a quick chat with a lovely lady who not only "likes" The "Checkerboard Aussies" posts on Facebook, but who also follows along here too.  Nice to have met you today, Joan, and thank you for the "chat".

After all of that I head over to Gateway Haven for a bit of a visit with my Mother.

"Mom had been enjoying playing Bingo when  I found her with a rather large group of Bingo players.  It was "fun" to sit with her for the last 15 minutes or so before the afternoon Bingo wrapped up for the day."

I measured Mom up for shoes.  Her size hadn't changed, but after discussing what had changed with Marg at Gilbert's Shoes, we both concluded with so much sitting since purchasing her last shoes that she had put on a bit more weight causing her feet to be a little pudgier as well as possible swelling.  We are going to try with the stretching of boot shoes she had to see if that will widen them at the toes a bit more for her.  We are also waiting to see what comes in with the new Clark sandal shipment before deciding on a new purchase.

I arrived home, for the second time today, well after 3:30 pm.  Again it was attend to the "gang", send off some paperwork to the Accountants, address some mail, return a few phone calls that had been left on my machine for me, and before I knew it, it was time to make Dinner.  Thank goodness for leftovers !!!

I have had another severe headache again today, which I am contributing to the change in weather as well as my neck.  The T2's haven't even put a dent in it, but I am still going to have to try another round of them again before my eyeballs come out of my head with pain.  

"Last night it was a cuppa Sleepytime Herbal Tea.  I think I will be trying out another cuppa tonight to see if that relaxes me a bit."

YIKES !!!  Another friend just called me and told me there is a big Snow Squall Warning in effect for tonight.  Oh man, this is not what I wanted to hear, or anyone else I am sure.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed it doesn't happen.

Would it surprise anyone if I said I have tons of plans again tomorrow?  Oh my head, hopefully I will get over this headache sooner then later, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Another busy day for you ! We have no snow but cold temps and winds a few snow squalls here and there but nothing stays melts on contact thankfully . Oh I have seen the Hershey's Cinnamon Chips in the No Frills down here and Burt's bees products in Shoppers drug mart . I guess not all stores may carry either . That's weird ! Well that was nice though to bring them for you ! Hope the snow squalls pass your area ! Have a good evening !

    1. Burt's Bees Carrot is only now avail in the US, and when we contacted Hershey's they told us Cinnamon Chips were not avail in Canada. We were happy Sharon brought them up for us :)

  2. Ha,ha,ha, I was just remembering as I read your blog that yesterday I was wearing my Clark's sandals around . I got them in Bobcayageon last year at the end of the summer on 1/2 price or less and then put them away for this year. I am thinking about taking them to China with me. That was yesterday, today I was cuddled up by the woodstove while the wind howled and the snow squalled. Going to bed now so I won't be tempted to look out the window to see what is going on. Doesn't sound like good news. Alice

  3. Hope the head gets better Cindy. I can't believe how much snow you still have! It's just very cold here still......sigh.

  4. WOW, that snow just never ends for you guys! Our temps were in the 70's again yesterday beautiful day but so hot come bedtime

  5. we've had at least 6cm since about 4am here in blinding squalls very VERY surprised the buses ran ( much to all four children's dismay)Hubby is in plowing snow in Walkerton. I am grateful I don't work Tuesdays and have to do the commute this morning.
    Where did spring go to?

  6. When will sping arrive? Stay warm Cindy!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  7. Oh my, Cindy! Is the snow ever going to end for you?!!! We are truly having spring down here in Oregon. So sorry for your headache. Hope you feel better real soon!

  8. Terribly cute picture at the top. Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom. Let me know how that Sleepytime Tea works for you. My boys both have trouble falling asleep and I'd like to help them get better rest.

  9. It is like a bad dream this bloody weather, and I know you guys got a lot more than us!!

    Love Clarks brand of shoes. Mind you all I wear at the moment are my Birkenstocks and my Crocs.


  10. Is it a regular headache? I've had sinus infections, and tylenol whatever strength didn't help that.

    Poor groundhog. Getting raked over the coals over something he had nothing to do with...

    1. Migraine William. A lot of people are getting Sinus infections, hoping I don't this time around.

  11. I'm turning that groundhog into stew... ;) I'll save you a bowl. hahaha!!


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