Friday, 12 April 2013

A Tad Icy This Morn With Lots of In & Outs

I lay in bed looking out the window into the grey morning light of the wee hours to see the trees swaying in the wind as it howled around the house.  It really was one of those mornings that we like to cuddle deeper into the covers to keep ourselves away from the coldness of what is waiting outdoors.

The floors were cold when I did get from out of the warmth of my blankets.  The wood stove had been easy to start this morning, as there had still been a bed of hot coals waiting to be fed more wood.  I did manage to get a coffee before it was time to get dressed and brave the cold icyness of the outdoors with each of our Aussies.

"Just think I was going to put the Snowman in the window away last week.  Good thing I hadn't since the iced window made a lovely backdrop for him.  I had a challenge this morning, and was glad Rob was home, as the basement door facing the East had been frozen solid and I had needed him to open it for us.  While I was on Aussie duty, Rob had gotten busy cleaning off our vans,, as his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle needed dropped off at the mechanics first thing."

Yesterday our "other" Crabby Cabbie vehicle had been in as the Distributor Cap had needed replacing.  This morning Rob's went in as it needed a Master Brake Cylinder.  It has been quite the challenge keeping up with the vehicle repairs the past two months.  However we need to be safe, and know our vehicles are well maintained keeping in mind our Customers safety first and foremost.

The drive was a bit challenging however going slow and steady it was not too terribly bad.

We returned home to find out our appointment with the Doctor had been cancelled due to weather conditions being worse further North of us.  That worked out okay as there is always something to be done around here.  Everyday seems like the things to do are never ending to me most days.  Ha! I can tell I am tired when I start making comments like that one.

Rob and I were both amazed when we received a phone call from the Wiarton OPP Detachment that our Police Checks were ready to be picked up.  That was only one days time, rather then the usual up to two weeks wait.  We must have "hit" a good time to have dropped them off yesterday.  Off we went to retrieve them ...

"The Highways were better then they had been earlier in the morning, however the back streets were still a bit "tricky" in places.  The temperature was on a slow but steady rise.  By lunch time the roads were pretty good and the freezing had left the air."

Back home we came after dropping into to the Adult Continuing Education Center, who in turn was going to pass on our information that we are seeking to employ a reliable driver(s) with a clean driver's record and proof of existing personal auto insurance, as well as a clear Police Check.

It baffles me how difficult it is to find employees, with so many seemingly unemployed.  I thought even a retired person would enjoy driving part-time throughout the week, however we can not even find us one or two of them either.  Fingers and toes crossed we find us one or two reliable and honest people to employ for the Summer time, with hopefully staying on with us Year Round.  Honest is the operative word here. especially when dealing with "cash" sales, as well as seniors or mentally challenged persons, in our line of business.

It didn't seem long that we had been home long when the phone had rang with Rob having to go back out again.  Of course this had been just the time I was going to be preparing our lunch.  I had lunch and carried on with what else I had been working on, then prepared Rob's when he got back home again.

With Lunch barely over, we got the phone call that Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle was ready to be picked up.  Out the door again we went ... there was no ice on the highway from the front of our house to the other side of Wiarton, as I am sure we had burned it off with us being up and down that highway since early morning !!!  Jeez Whiz ....

Before I forget ... are you looking for some fun for yourself and a friend on a Saturday night?  then check out the following dance where you can have fun and support a local charity event all at the same time.

With so much running the roads back and forth most of the day I really didn't get anything whatsoever accomplished in the way of housework, or much of anything else for that matter.  I am tired too, but I will blame that on the weather since us Canadians are so good at doing that anyway.

We are having a bit of a fun draw over at The "Checkerboard Aussies" Facebook page.  In order to participate you MUST "Like" their Facebook Page.  This is what I had posted to their page once Rob had given me a hand taking a couple of the roly poly Missy Mercedes this afternoon (where did I ever find the time to do this I wonder?).

"The "Checkerboard Aussies" are going to have a pool. In order to qualify you must LIKE their Facebook page (the page, not a post or photo on their page, please). Mercedes is due on or about the 28th of April 2013. Post your "guess" on how many puppies she will have, and whoever guesses the right number will be entered into a draw to win a Gift Certificate. Please feel free to "share" this Puppy Pool with your family & friends. Best luck to the Winner once the happy day has came and gone !!!  I will be announcing this shortly after the big day."

Would love to have you join in on the fun, and you may do so by going to The "Checkerboard Aussies" Facebook page by *clicking* HERE.

Later today I had also received a phone call from Sandi Richard's husband, Ron.  Ron called to let me know he will be mailing me off a copy of one of Sandi's "Cook Books" very shortly.  Stay tuned as that will be a very exciting upcoming Give Away, once I have Sandi's Cookbook in my hot little hands.  To say the least, I am very excited !  Did you miss the interview I had with Sandi? you can catch up by reading it HERE.

Also I finally got into a nice warm bed last evening and opened Steena Holmes book, Finding Emma.  It was easy to start reading right from the "get go".  Hopefully I will be posting a review of her book within the next week or two.  Should anyone not be familiar with Steena Holmes, please check out when she did a Guest Post a week ago by *clicking* HERE.

Oh yes, for all of us who are doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, it is Week 15 !  How are you doing,  Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby, Cathy, Jean, Karen, Elsie, Gill, Darlene, Vicki, Abby, Marg, Janet, Marlyn, Christy, Alice, Monica, Kathy, and Rob?

On that note I think I will end my "a tad icy this morn with lots of ins and outs" as there are a couple Australian Shepherds that are needing an in and out themselves here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh it was a nasty day. I cannot believe you accomplished so much I huddled in the house fed the cows took some icy photos then huddled again. Good for you. B

  2. I so would have been in the house in front of that wood stove!! Ha. Updated my 52 week challenge tonight, LOVE IT!!

  3. WOW ! Busy day ! All I did was house cleaning and read blogs today ! We have had rain and high winds for 4 days now down here but just an hour away from us they got hit with a bad ice storm last night ! Hope you have a good weekend and get some R&R if possible !

  4. Still hanging in on 52 week challenge -- and waiting for Spring in SE MN too

  5. I am paid up until May 10 as it will not be possible for me to make my usual Friday transfers for a few weeks. I may be depositing some CYN money in the account if I don't find any "little things" to be bring home.

  6. That was indeed a rotten day... I like winter, but not freezing rain.

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