Monday 15 April 2013

LOVE Me More Happy Mail !

Finally a whole day our Rob got to stay home with us yesterday without being called out once ! it had been nice.  

"It was so nice by the end of the Day, you would have thought Bandit hadn't seen Rob all day.  The loving just went on, and on, and on .... Sigh, the bubble was broke as at 3 am the phone rang with Rob having to go out to be The "Crabby Cabbie"."

I never did get back to sleep.  Rob got back home around 4:30 am and was not able to get back to sleep either.  The time flew forward to 6:30 am when it was time for him to be out the door again, heading back down the highway to work.  It has been a long day for the both of us.

I pretty much forced kept myself focused on the Crabby Cabbie bookwork that needed caught up on, again, until it was all sorted out and ready to be entered on the books, hopefully tomorrow.

"Here is sits on the dining room table, pretty much right in my face so it doesn't get somehow "overlooked" tomorrow.  A nice neat pile of most of my day ahead tomorrow ... yech !"

This afternoon my brother and I had a follow-up appointment with a few department heads at Gateway Haven, where our Mother now resides, to see how she has settled in since being admitted, or voice any concerns we might have to this date.

Really neither of us had any huge concerns that stood out, as Gateway Haven is a lovely facility with very efficient and caring staff.

The only one concern I really voiced was the amount of weight Mom had put on since moving from my home into a Nursing Home.  Really it is quite a substantial amount for her tiny, under 5 foot frame, of putting on more then 20 lbs in less then two years.  I realize they get 3 square meals, plus are offered snacks twice a day, and she is less active then she had been here, however it still makes me feel concerned about her health.

As a Caregiver I feel this is part of my duty to be concerned about my Mother's health.

The staff could not express how easy Mom is as a resident there.  She seems to attend pretty much everything going, as well as being happy and smiling while doing so.  They had mentioned Mom is very "social".  This sure makes me happy to know she is "getting out and about" from her room, as this helps with brain stimulation, as well as being "on the move" which is really really good for a person's muscle mass.

Only one concern came from the staff, this being her balance might be a bit off.  They recommend we get her a walker to make things a bit easier for her.  It just so happens we had gotten her one when she had first moved with us, as when she used to occasionally walk over to the neighbouring Garden Center for an ice cream cone, it helped her since the ground was very uneven to walk along from here to there.

Overall as a family we could not be more pleased with our Mother residing at Gateway Haven.  As far as Mother goes, she had stated how much better she likes living there too.  A win, win situation for all of us, especially since it is much much closer for my brother and I to go see her.  YAY for all of us !

After my brother had dropped me back off at home, I didn't do much of anything the rest of the day.  I did however touch base with a girl I used to work with down in Southampton shortly after I had first moved back to Bruce County.  Judy is doing very well having now also starting her own business in the Port Elgin nd Southampton areas..  It was nice when talking to Judy to find she is as excited about supporting other small businesses as I am.  Judy owns Hergott Home Support & Cleaning Service.  You can find more about Judy at her website by going HERE, or follow her on Facebook by going HERE.

On getting the mail today there had been a Package Notice for a parcel to be picked up downtown Wiarton.  Rob was kind enough to stop and pick me up for me on his way home tonight.  Oh man, I was so happy as I do LOVE me some more Happy Mail !!!

Special thanks to Sandi Richard for sending me a collection of her Cook books, Dinner Survival, The Dinner Fix, The Healthy Family, Anyone Can Cook Dinner, and could you imagine ....

"Two copies of Eating Forward ~ Cooking for the Rushed"

What on God's green Earth would I possibly do with two copies Sandi Richard's Eating Forward?  stay tuned, as not too far in the future there is going to be a Give Away here North of Wiarton.

Before I sign off my post for today, I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers for those who have suffered from the tragic explosions that took place at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon this day.  One of our own Bruce County Heroes, Josh Cassidy, who had participated in this marathon.  Here is a few words from him on his Blog which had been posted today after the explosions .....

Really does it ever end in this World of ours? we can not do much more then pray that it does, and for those who's hands are bloodied by such acts.  *Sad* very much so with hopes it does some day it does get better.

Please should you have a moment, cast your vote for my "Crabby Cabbie" at the following link:

Thanks again for your daily vote until the 6th of May.  I have faith we have friends and family "rooting" for us to get ahead with our Business.

Supper has been long over with dishes waiting for me yet to wash.  My tired Rob has headed for bed.  The "Checkerboard Aussies" will all need out, about and in within the hour, with me thereafter heading off to bed myself with one of Sandi Richard's cook books in hand, of course, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. All of Sandi's books are fabulous. I think I have them all. I also have two copies of "Eating Forward"...I bought it twice! Oops

  2. The Boston Marathon explosions were shocking.Praying for all the victims. Who can do this and not think it wrong?
    Jane x

  3. Yesterday I was #100 in voting for The Crabby Cabbie; today I was #123! Keep reminding us and I will keep voting:) Anxious to see what you make from your new cookbooks!

  4. Handled the voting again!

    As to Boston, it's shocking to say the least.

  5. I just can't watch the coverage of the Boston tragedy on TV anymore. They sensationalize every little detail so much, it's difficult to make a rational thought of ones own. My heart aches for all the innocents that lose their lives and limbs in tragedies like this.

    I'm really happy to hear your Mom is HAPPY at the nursing home. Our Granny really enjoyed the place where she lived her final years in Kemptville too. We can hope Dad will like it, IF he ever gets there, but that might be wasted wishful thinking.


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