Saturday 6 April 2013

Should I Be Tired?

What a whirl wind of another day this has been !!!  Oh MY Goodness .... I want to stay AT HOME for at least a month after this very busy day, "Let Me Tell The WORLD", but I have a feeling that ain't going to be happening in my lifetime.

This morning I got going on some laundry that needed laundering, dishes needing washing, vacuuming floors that were "hairy" and such, then I took myself a wee bit of a breather.  This of course was all after all the Aussie Gang had been first looked after.

"My breather was a bowl of Oatmeal for breakfast.  I had just made it and Rob had gotten up.  Back to the drawing board to make him a bowl, then heat up some Homemade Soup for him to take as a lunch to work along with him today."

With Rob up it was much easier to "strip" the bed and throw it in the wash without him in it.  He was kind enough to take everyone out, about and in again while I started the laundry.  Once Rob was out the door with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat back firmly on his head, I got going on my next task of the day.

"I wanted to make up some healthy treats for Rob, so I made another batch of the Oatmeal Orange Cookies we enjoyed so much.  Since I was going to see my Mother today, I packed her up a  tin as well."

~Recipe Shared at Adorned from Above~

Mom was in need of new sandals.  When I was up to Gateway Haven on Thursday to take the puppy along for the Day Away Program participants, the first thing Mom had asked about was when I was going to get her "sandals".  Today was the day I thought I would work on getting this done for her.  It was around the lunch hour when I left the house for downtown Wiarton.

First stop was Gilbert Shoes.  Marg and Gary Tambling are the owners of Gilbert's Shoes, who we have been doing business with ourselves the past few years.  Marg had called me just yesterday to let me know their sandal shipment had came in, so what better time then today to try and get a pair for Mom.

"I can not tell you how much I appreciate Marg and Gary's help in this matter.  They not only helped with picking out three pairs of sandals, they also packed them up for me to take along up to the Nursing Home so Mom could try them on there rather then load her up in the Van and take her into the store.  Thanks ! every so much, Marg and Gary.  It made my job of getting Mom new sandals so much easier."

"Mom was checking out the 3 pairs of sandals I had lined up across her bed.  And the selection was made with her seemingly very happy with the pair of Clark's Sandals she had found to fit, be comfortable and manage to put on and take off herself.  Whoohoo ! I am happy we "scored" on this mission with the first try."

Oh yes in-between going to Gilbert's Shoes and seeing Mom, I stopped at The Painted Turtle at 499 Berford Street, downtown Wiarton.  A really cool little store I might add.  I didn't have much time today as I was off to meet up with my Rob in Hepworth so time was "limited" to less then I would have liked.

"Regardless I did get these 3 photos !!!  I also told Cathy (jeez hope that isn't with a "K"), one of the two owners, I would be back to get "more" on The Painted Turtle, along with photos at a later date, as time allows (hopefully before the end of Summer).  It really is a cool little store, so do drop in and tell them I pointed you in their direction please."

After meeting up with Rob, I high-tailed it back to Wiarton as I wanted to drop on in at the Wiarton Fitness Center, downtown Wiarton, to see what was happening at the Health & Living Event that was taking place there this day.  I also had to pay for the shoes Mom had chosen, as well as return the other 2 pair.

What a nice place to walk into, the Wiarton Fitness Center is.  Past the exercise equipment to an area in-behind that was perfect for those who were set up there.  Who might that be?

"There is Kris Dawson with her Epicure displayed.  Never meet Kris before? she is so sweet and knowledgeable about her products.  Give Kris a call at 519-935-2320 to order your Epicure Products.  Next table beside Kris was Wanda's Body by Vi.  Wanda is a gal you might want to get in contact with should you need to get yourself on a healthy intake of nutrition?  Then please give Wanda a call to find out about the Vi-Shape Nutritional Meal Replacement Shake Mix at 519-422-1515.  Wanda is walking talking proof that Visalus Sciences does have products that are working, as she is a success story in herself."

"The Wiarton Wellness Center was there with some pretty healthy looking products they offer.  They might just have a service you are looking for, so do take a look by *clicking* HERE.   They can be found downtown Wiarton on Berford Street.  Beside them was a table set up by Harriet Nixon, Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.  Interested? call 519-534-0426, she is also located in Wiarton."

"Dr. Andy Quist was present, representing his Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, with locations in Lion's Head and Sauble Beach.  He may be contacted at 519-793-3092.  The photo to the right is  Janet Schnurr of Soul Searching Tree, who does Indian Head Massage, Ion Cleanses, Reiki, and Energy Therapy.  Janet is also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.  Please check Janet's website out at or Contact Janet at for further information."

"The first table here belonged to Jessica Hastings who is not only a Arbonne Representative, she is also owner of LAMBlicious, located in Parkhead.  I do believe I will have to drop in there one day, as I have watched it grow in good looks and appearance for some time now from the outside.  Time for me to check the inside out now some day soon.  Beside Jessica, was Laura Judgies, who had her Steeped Tea products along with some yummy "made with tea" samples at her table.  Laura will have a weblink up in the very near future, but in the meantime you can contact her at  Laura is out of Sauble Beach and has the Jaffa's Java Hut there."

"This is Vicki of Vicki's Kitchen in Lion's Head.  Vicki has been getting very well  known for her Vegan Burger.  Trust me, Janet Schnurr and I had ourselves a wee taste, and there were no complaints coming from either one of us.  Where can you find Vicki?  I am working on getting a Facebook Page, or phone number.  Really? you will LOVE the foods she makes ..really, really !"

"What a delight to meet a new up and coming Artist in Bruce County, and one with such a pretty *smile*.  Please meet Jenny Lee Learn.  Would you love to find out more about Jenny? please do so by going to "

I had another wonderful "outing" this day with meeting new friends and learning new things.  I love learning about new things, even if I do not always retain them, as it is a bonus of learning them all over again, is it not?  Ha !  

I had visions of Aussie crossing their legs in dire need of getting out and about, so it was a rush to get home as by this time it was going on to 4 pm.  I made it home to find out everyone was delighted as ever to see me.  What a welcome I get every time I do return home !  I LOVE it most days always ....

"I also had to retrieve the bedding from the clothes line.  The first I had hung out this year.  I thought I was going to have help, but once again I had thought wrong."

I had nicely gotten everyone out, about and back in, along with the laundry, when the phone rang.  It was ROB again ! with could I meet up with him in Hepworth one more time.  Jeez that man complained cause I got two kisses out of him this morning, wait see what he is going to owe me now in the Kissing Department !

Met Rob, came back home to sit down almost 2 hours ago to just now finishing up this blog post, as there was a lot of ground to cover today as you can tell.

Just a little Weather News FLASH ! it is snowing here again in Bruce County.  The ground outside my windows is white as "snow" AGAIN.  Does it every quit, we might ask ourselves?  We do live in Canada you know.  Eh?

Should I be tired? well let me tell you I still have 4 Aussie faces who need my attention for one more last time this evening, and a bed that is need of being made up fresh before I crawl into it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. We've had a busy day today too, we are tired, but it's the nice kind of tired.
    VEGAN BURGERS??? Hello!!!
    Jane x

  2. I got tired reading your post... Although I did have a busy day myself today.. with cleaning,and doing laundry.. I am so excited as my dryer is fixed and I don't have to hang up everything and it doesn't take as long to do laundry and I can get it all done in one day.. although I still have to fold. Hubby and I were heading out to the fish market (5 km away) when we witnessed an accident... snowing here too and slushy.. Thankfully no one was hurt. But it is nice to see grass in your pictures as ours is still covered with feet of snow.. at least 3 feet. I thought the weather was fickle when I lived in Canada, until I moved to upper Michigan.. yesterday was 50F, today 20 and snowing. Hopefully you get some rest.

  3. WOW ! a full day indeed I need a nap after reading this lol ! Glad your mum found a nice pair of sandals ! We did our big shopping today of groceries and what not going from one store to the next for all we need in town that can be a chore in it's self then came home put it all away , filled all my birdie feeders then I did laundry as well made supper , just had our evening cup of tea and now ready for night , nights ! We are to be getting rain over night and it is to be warm so sleeping with my window open a crack to get some fresh air and sleep to the sound of rain falling I love that ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening and get a good nights sleep !

  4. lots going on around your area at the moment,


  5. I don't know how you do it, Cindy!! lol! Glad you found your mom a pair of sandals! :) Now get some rest! ;)

  6. You've had another jam-packed day! I'll wager you have no problems sleeping at night. You are one busy lady. I hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  7. Cindy, it was great to see you as always! I love your energy and your enthusiasm for life. Can't wait to see you again - Kris Dawson

  8. I am a big fan of the Painted turtle myself!

  9. Oh my Cindy! I got tired just reading your post! So glad your mom got some nice sandals! I love Clark's myself:) It was great reading about the health fair! Hope you're not too tired today!

  10. Oh, I'm so glad you found a pair of nice sandals for your Mom on the first try! Now send a little bit of your energy my way...:)

  11. Yes - I'm surprised you managed to write after all that! x

  12. I had a busy weekend also, up to Anita's on Friday afternoon with a lasagna for our supper. Then up early the next morning to help with final preparations for the Maple Syrup Tour. Stacey and I (wo)manned the store while Brian and Anita worked at the Sugar Shack and Barry sat upstairs in his favourite spot by the window watching all that was going on outside. Lots of visitors, busy in the store, surprised by the snow as the tour was over,glad we had good weather most of the day. Back home on Sunday morning and early to bed tonight. Busy life up there in Grey County.
    I also have found great service and selection of "my kind of shoes" at Gilberts.

  13. It was lovely to meet you Cindy! Thank you for the kind words and including me in your blog! Jenny Lee

  14. Better quality shoes in a shop like that than you'll get out of the chain stores, I'd think.

    Oatmeal and orange cookies sound scrumptious!


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