Wednesday 3 April 2013

An All Around GOOD Day

Before I get going on everything else in my life and forget, Health and Living, or Living Life Healthy, should be foremost in our lives.    Wiarton and area residents there is an Event going on in Wiarton this upcoming Saturday, so mark your calendars as follows:

Health and Living Event
from 1:00pm- 4pm

  • Arbonne
  • Steeped
  • Epicure
  • Soul Searching Tree - Indian Head Massages - 10 mins - $10
  • Reiki
  • Body By Vi
  • Custom Art Work - Jenny Lee Learn
  • Chiropractor - Dr. Ian Quist
  • Vicki's Kitchen
  • Astrology - Alex Wilson
  • Complete Wellness Spa
Thanks to Janet Schnurr of Soul Searching Tree for passing this information on to me.

Okay now onto my yesterday morning from when I left the house at 8:30 am to return back at 2:00 pm.  I had gone to have a "reading" done by a Psychic who is located about an hour away over in Meaford.  Not everyone entertains believing God has gifted certain people, however I do.  I do not expect anyone to believe what I do, and I try to respect others for what they believe without judgement, with me expecting the same respect returned.  Jeez did that all make sense to someone other then me???  I hope. 

I felt very enlightened after visiting with Laurel.  She even validated the past two years I have enslaved myself to my pain and resorted myself to accepting this.  This I was grateful for as it was another push for me to move forward with trying to begin living life once again with ME controlling the Pain, rather then it controlling my Life.  I need to start being active in exercising as I had been two years ago before I had the two surgeries within the same Year to repair a torn meniscus each time.  Not that they were huge surgeries by any means, but it's pain having experienced twice I was not something I wanted to experience a third time.  

I have decided I have to put that fear of chancing another such injury aside again, to slowly try to get back into my old routine of walking and exercising daily.  Even with the routine I had 2 years ago, I still  had pain, but I felt better when I was more active and more in control of my life.  Also exercise is good for menopause.   It was not easy and will  not be again, but I have to start somewhere and I need to do this for myself.

I also felt Laurel gave me some insight into some things I have been stressing over the past three months or more now, which made me feel better.  With now needing to start healing myself through eating well and exercise, I will also attempt to further keep myself away from "negative" people and situations, even though to some of us at times if feels like they come seeking us out.  I am grateful for the positive supportive people I do have in my life, as it does ease the pain when there are some most unpleasant people giving us grief from time to time.

Laurel had also been the one who had suggested hot milk with pure cocoa to assist with sleep.  It worked well last night, but then again I had been exhausted from not sleeping the night before, so I will see how it works for me again this evening.  Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed on that one, as lack of sleep contributes to pain levels, so I am of the opinion.

I am looking forward to having some sense of "balance" return to my Life.

Should anyone be in the area who would be serious about contacting Laurel themselves for a personal reading, please contact me via email and I will respond with her phone number.  You may email me at   NO Hecklers, Judgemental or Negative people need apply please ... *smile*.

Today?  after a really good night's sleep I tried to keep focused on one thing at a time as to try and not to overwhelm myself with everything in my "head" I wanted to have all done yesterday.  Ha ! figure of speech, never a reality.

I did some paperwork and filing, then headed downtown to run a few errands.  All this in-between the out, about and ins with my Aussie "gang".

I also wanted to get going on making Soup today since I had the Navy Beans soaking in water since last night.

"The Ham bone was large and meaty.  Ham bone covered with water with Navy Beans added and put on to boil together.  Veggies diced, sliced and chopped to be added later.  Don't you LOVE "Colour Soups"???"

"Bone removed to cool before stripping off the meat.  Veggies added with ham.  Dinner was served with lots of Colour and Goodness."

After I had set the ham and beans to cooking, I took a minute to clean a space that had been bothering me (one of many, but I have to start somewhere, one thing at a time).

"A messy "before" on the left, turned into a clean and more organized "after" look to the right.  One little piece off that mental list of many."

I had just gotten the veggies in the soup simmering nicely when the phone rang.  My friend, BJ and her husband, Paul, had just returned from their 3 month away in Arizona.  Would I like to go for coffee?  you darn tooting I took BJ up on that offer as I hadn't had much of break up until this time today and it was already 3 pm.  Off I went to BJ and Paul's house in Wiarton, where I left the van and BJ and I walked down to Tim Hortons for a "catch-up" along with a coffee.  Thanks BJ I really enjoyed our time together, and Rob has been eyeing up that bag of Trader Joe's Popcorn you had sent along with me.  Low calorie snacking I might add.

When I got home from coffee with BJ, Rob arrived home shortly afterwards.  Rob LOVED this Ham and Bean Soup I made today.  This made me happy.  What else that made me happy was to be surprised when Rob suggested we go for a walk after Dinner.  You can well imagine my "shock" as this has not happened for a long long, every long time.

We headed downtown, but before heading off for a walk we stopped in to see our friend, Koreen, owner/operator of Ram Trophies and Sportswear.

"Koreen was busy with the embroidery machines going "full tilt" on some shirts, with 200 hats   next in line to be done.  Quite the interesting operation this gal keeps herself busy at.  Looking for some "custom" embroidery logos to be put on shirts, hats, jackets, aprons, etc ... check with Koreen as she will help you out by calling 519-534-0000.  Always Service with a Smile when you deal with Koreen, and really how could anyone resist such a beautiful smile? or the amazing job she has done on my "Crabby Cabbie's" attire?"

Off to Bluewater Park Rob and I headed with Bandit having us in tow.

"The "look", then the okay I will lay down and wait, then the "there he is, let's check this guy out".  I was brought up with Beagles, so I really thought this guy was quite the cutie."

"How beautiful it is living in Wiarton at the edge of Colpoy's Bay?  From where our home is, we are only about 1/2 hour or so walk from the other side of the bay which I zoomed in on the bottom photo at the Government Dock."

"We carried on with out walk until Rob's attention was caught by the exercise equipment in the Park.  Jeez Honey don't overdo it all in the first night !  Good Boy Bandit, you are so patient of your Master."

"The exercise equipment was short-lived and walking was resumed once again.  We even passed a gentleman who was doing Tai Chi.  I tried this once last Year and really enjoyed it."

That was my day in a "nut shell", and I have to say it was a pretty good all around day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I have no such misgivings. I do tarot and other readings for friends- organized religions have done much to supress our own instincts- often we just need a "reminder" of what we already intuitively know.

    1. Exactly. Laurel is very in tune with God, as well as being very intuitive. She possesses a warm and wonderful spirit in my eyes.

  2. I am right beside you on getting out and walking more. I have been so afraid of messing up my foot that I have given up a nice walk in a long time. Time to get back to moving more

  3. The health/wellness event looks interesting! I will lookout for photos.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  4. had a reading done a couple of times and both times spot on!!!

    Have a ham bone in the freezer ready to make soup with at some point, probably over the weekend.

    Hope you had a good nights sleep last night.


  5. Thanks for posting the nice pix of Colpoy's Bay Cindy! I miss it terribly up there during the winter months, but look forward to coming here to see all the sights you see and photograph! Makes me less "homesick" :) thank you! My sister lives in Meaford, I believe she has gone for a reading once or twice there herself. I always believed too because past readings have been so precise! Good for you for walking more, you once again are sending encouragement! :)

  6. Hi Cindy~ I want to Thank you for bringing to my attention that I had the comments option off on my Peach Scones recipe I posted:) What a beautiful place, Colpoy's Bay. I have never been there, but it sure looks pretty....I'm a sucker for any place by water! Lynn~

  7. I imagine Bandit always likes the chance to say hello to a new dog!


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