Sunday 14 April 2013

I Really Did Nail It !

 Sunday ! what does Sunday mean to me?  It means my Rob is home for almost a whole day, in the day time, with me !!!  Whoo hooo ... and I certainly took full advantage of him being home today.

I have been patiently waiting for it to work out that Rob could help me with two our our "Checkerboard Aussies", as sometimes there are a couple things I need help with where they are concerned.

Lexus was number one up on the "to do" help list.  Yesterday I had brushed almost two whole doggies out of her, but when doing her "feathers" on her back end she kept sitting down on me.  This I needed someone to hold her while I got her back end.  I always need help with this part of the brushing out with all our Aussies.

"Lexus was in her happy place as she was having herself some fun with Rob before I got to her.  Finally with most of her undercoat all brushed out, she sat nice and pretty for the last photo.  Yes that is one pile of hair and not snow laying at the bottom of the photo.  You should have seen the pile that was brushed from her yesterday!"

Number two on my "to do" list was our Buddy boy.  I had him pretty much brushed out last week, however there was a matter of some matting behind his ears that I could not manage to hold him and remove at the same time.  He is quite the "handful" some days.  Lots of "ham" photos from today can be found over at The "Checkerboard Aussies" blog, found HERE.

"Here is is all settled down with a mess of matting removed.  I am sure he feels much better that tightness is gone from behind his ears."

I did get more cleaning done today, along with the patio doors all sparkly with a film of wood stove smoke hopefully all removed for the time being.

Rob drove me over to pick up my van from the mechanics as the oil change was done.  It will have to go back once the parts come in for a manifold gasket.  *Sigh* that should be another couple hundred dollars out the door when that gets done.  After that is done I will have to try to come up with some more "shekels" to replace the rocker panels on it.  Oh man ... then there will be something else once all that gets done I am sure.

When we got back home, I tackled some more house chores, while Rob attempted a bit of cleaning up in the basement.  I really think we need more then a Month of Sundays to make a dent down there.  When time is a commodity everything seems to get dumped and put on the back burner.  In the meantime everything I manage to get my hands on I am trying to deal with it by either finding a place for it, or sending it on its way out the door.

Finally around 4:30 pm I thought I best be getting some Dinner thrown together.  I was beyond happy with the Dinner I had made us tonight ...

"A few fresh veggies diced up, along with some dehydrated mushrooms from a jar and frozen peas from the freezer, leftover Basmati Rice, a bit of Soy Sauce added with a bit of egg thrown in ... and a side dish is ready to be served up."

"Thin boneless loin chops, dipped in flour seasoned with pepper and garlic powder, egg, Panko crumbs, and then set into a bit of Olive Oil in a hot fry pan.  Before you know it a very delicious entree is done to perfection."

"I really did "NAIL" it !"

Was Dinner good? you can bet your bottom dollar it was good !  I do not know why but with Rob working so much all the time, and us always trying to catch up with everything in the few hours we do have together throughout the week, it doesn't seem like I get to cook like I used to or want to.  I was happy with taking a bit of time out to cook something we both enjoyed today.

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I love supporting our communities with hopes they support us back, along with close family members and friends, online and in person.  Thank you.

I think that pretty much wraps up a somewhat productive day, and one that just also happened to have a sky full of Sunshine for a change, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Look at all that fur!! Gonna knit a sweater!? ;) lol!!! I voted for you my friend!!

  2. I'll keep on voting until we leave,sorry I will miss so many days. Your supper looks absolutely delicious. One thing I have not had a lot of luck with is getting Barry to eat rice. I will not complain though as there are so many things he is eating now that he would not touch 10 years ago. (Like your Chicken Noodle Soup) I have been trying to use up all of our fresh food before we get away, I think the last day or two,our meals could be rather interesting.

  3. Would you like to come over here and do my dog now? OMG he is such a wimpy thing, you would think we were killing him!

  4. You've been super busy, it looks like. :)

    The brushings look good, I love that last picture where Lexus is sitting pretty.

    I just voted (#106) and will share on Twitter. G/Luck. :)

  5. What a great dinner! I just love it when dinner comes together like that!

    Your pups looks so happy they they were able to shed their winter hair. I know you are happy that the hair is outside and not inside!

    Glad your Sunday's with Rob are so wonderful - something to look forward to!

    Thanks for linking up to the In and out of the Kitchen party! I love to see what you bring to the party!

    Cynthia at

  6. Whoa that's a lot of hair!

    Sounds like a nice, productive day. I could really use a few of those.

    I absolutely love the color on those pork chops. And that snappy side dish is pretty good stuff too! Thank you for linking, Cindy.

  7. Ugh, we have five doggies and although they are small, there always seem to come off more hair than could have been ON them! Dinner looked delicious, Cindy :-) Thank you for sharing at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party !

  8. The dogs look good!

    And that meal looks scrumptious!


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