Friday 5 April 2013

YIKES ! There Are MORE !!!

There were two more upcoming Community April Events I had overlooked, or more like slipped my mind (something that I have noticed happens to me more frequently then naught these days).  I had thought I had better get them posted before they "slip my mind" again.  Get your "April Calendars out to Mark them again" .....

April 18th:

The Wiarton Friends of the Library are hosting a spring luncheon - a fund-raising event to support the programs at the library. Master of Ceremonies is Dave Nixon. Guest speaker is Daryl Wood, a certified life coach who lives near Tobermory. Only 120 tickets at $20 each are on sale. They are available at the Wiarton library & from Library Friends.

Thanks to Susan, who reads my blog, for bringing the Wiarton Library event to my attention.  We love our community libraries.  When our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor come visiting as they love when I take them to the Wiarton Library, especially when Mary Jane is there to greet them with her wonderful smile and undivided attention to their needs.

The next Event is for friends of myself and Rob.  Kathy, Blaine and family are friends to many in their community and surrounding areas.  Last month they lost their home to Fire.  This is an experience Rob and I have personally known ourselves when our own home in Waterloo set on fire in 1997.  Thank goodness for family members, friends and our insurance company, Tradition Mutual, who we are still with, to see us through those rough times of loosing so much, along with the stress of re-building a home and replacing all of our belongings.

I was told through a mutual friend the Fundraiser that had been sponsored by Walmart two weeks ago had raised $22,000.00 for the family.  Way to go friends and people in the Saugeen Shores and surrounding communities !!!

Tim and Sarah of the Green Door Cafe here in Wiarton have organized a Fundraising Event as well.  This Event will be as follows:

April 27th:

Mark April 27th on your calendar @ Sunset Lanes. Why? Because Sunset Lanes, Chef Tim Panchyshyn and Country Music entertainer Tommy Gilham are hosting a fundraiser at Sunset Lanes in Port Elgin for the McKenzie Family.

The McKenzie family lost their home. all their possessions, pets(including a litter of puppes) to a fire. And as we know insurance doesn't always cover everything - so all donations - both big and small - are appreciated.
Tommy Gilham and Special Guest Graham Trude are the entertainment for the day. Yeah you read that right – Recording Artist and Country music fan favourite Tommy Gilham is performing in Port Elgin. And one of Ontario's newest country talent Graham Trude is performing for this fundraiser for Blaine and Kathy too.How lucky are we - and how fortunate are Blaine and Kathy to have these entertainers giving their time and talent to the cause!

Both of these entertainers’ music and talent will keep you smilin' and your toes a tappin' (both are singer-songwriters).

As if you need another reason to attend - the lunch will be created by Chef Tim Panchyshyn. Tim is the Chef and owner of the Green Door Cafe. People drive for miles to his cafĂ© in downtown Wiarton to sample his fare. Now you can try it for yourself….

Tickets are a steal at only $15! On sale right now at Sunset Lanes and Cathy's Flowers's in Port Elgin.  Here in Wiarton at Hair Solutions, Berford Street.

Phew I really hope I didn't miss any "other" upcoming April Events, as my calendar is overflowing as it is!

Also before I forget there seems to be a lot of unpleasant "Internet" thefts going on of late, and probably for quite some time.  I always "try" to credit any recipe I have used back to the original creator, or photos the same.  I had myself the most interesting and well put read this afternoon when I had came across a post shared by Jo-Anna @ A Pretty Life in the Suburbs on her Facebook Page.  

Thanks for sharing Jo-Anna, and thanks to the decorated cookie for her post on ....

Once again a very thought out and well put post.  Thank you for addressing this matter with hopes more people "share" your post.

This morning I  headed North of the Checkerboard, as today is Friday and Fridays are the day I get a shot in the arm by the Good Doctor Loney.  By the way the shot in the arm was almost painless today, with many thanks to the Good Doctor himself for this.

"Across from the doctor's office the farm fields were finally "void" of snow.  Also when one passes a Motorcycle on the Highway, this really is a sure sign of Spring, is it not???"

By the time I returned back home to let the whole "gang", plus Lunette out, about and back in, did up a pile of dishes (again), made the bed, spoke to my sister on the phone, it was the Lunch Hour !!!  Jeez another day when nothing "extra" was accomplished.  I am following way behind this year in the "accomplishment" department.  I am going to end up with a big fat "F" this Year if I don't watch myself ... oh man !!!

Oh I did sweep the Bandit dust and dirt from the floors too.

When I had gotten the mail there had been a ticket there for a package to be picked up in Wiarton.  Rob was heading home for Dinner late this afternoon, so I asked him to stop in to pick it up for me to save me going into town.  This he did and I was so excited when I seen him coming in the house with this great big package !!!

"Whoot whoot !!!  Electrolux sent me a BRAND NEW Egrorapido ultra + Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vac !!!!  for FREE ! as there had been a recall on them.  I LOVE the new colour much better the the old one too, and it even has a LED headlight!  Thank YOU, Electrolux."

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I LOVE me some HAPPY MAIL !!!!  who doesn't love Happy Mail ???  Really now?  I have really been getting blessed with great Customer Service experiences this Year so far....keep it comin' baby !!!

Rob and I had a homemade Spaghetti Dinner together.  He had a couple hours of being home before he had to put his "Crabby Cabbie" hat back on and head back out down the highway.

Another BLAST FROM MY PAST !!!  

Need a "cuteness" fix for the day? *click* right HERE.  We are so happy, as our Checkerboard Aussies have 103 Followers now on their Facebook Page, and 11 on their Blog !  Way to go my beauties and thank you to all who support them.

Speaking of Aussies it is that time of night to be out, about and back in for the last time this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sounds like you have a full plate these days ! I hear you on the forgetting part . I do that to more now a days . That is wonderful the community raised that money for the family and are doing a benefit gig to help them . Oh goodies in the mail always a plus . Thanks for sharing your day with us , have a good evening !

  2. It's great that the area raised that money for the family.


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