Friday, 4 July 2014

Love Walking

I was up and at it well before 6:00 am this morning, however once first awake I did recall thinking I would have liked to have slept longer.  I have never in all my life remembered being one of those who could sleep into the noon hour, even as a child or teenager, as I always felt I would have slept most of my days away ... and life is most certainly too short for that to happen, is it not?

I was to be meeting up with my friend, Sharon, today, as she wanted to come up to Wiarton to the Farmer's Market and to check out Mother's Fabric for some material.  We met up at the local Tim Horton's, then did the circuit downtown Wiarton.

We first stopped at the Wiarton Farmer's Market ....

... where Grey County Tourism stopped by this week, as well as Alison from our local Wiarton Library Branch.  A new addition to the Market this week was Dejong's Acres Food Wagon where you could get something pretty yummy in the way of a hot lunch, or maybe a breakfast of fresh made waffles, fruit and "real" whipped cream.  I also contemplated buying a ticket for the Dream Draw for a chance to win a brand new Toyota car, however forgot to before I had left town.

Sharon and I also went into Wiarton's two clothing stores, Josie's of Wiarton and In Style ... oh to be slim and trim again !!!  Lots of lovely clothes I would love to have, but still it was fun.

A luncheon reservation was made for the Green Door Cafe.

We both really enjoyed the Chicken Bacon Wrap with a Garden Salad on the side, as much as I am really going to enjoy the new Key Fob  Sharon had made for me in "crabby" material !!!  I am just loving it.  Thanks again Sharon !

Sharon had went back to the Market to buy a couple of items before heading back home, and I arrived back home to a treat of a Tim Hortons Coffee my hubby had so thoughtfully picked up for me.  It was a good day.

Rob had to go out on a call after our Dinner so I got to have a little one on one time with Bandit and Lexus for a bit.

Lexus had the lead on Bandit, and of course had him also by the neck.  That poor guy sure has put up with a lot from that girl over the past 6 years.

Since I have been walking the past few week, I had been worrying I hadn't gotten out the past couple evenings this week since my walking partner has been working a different shift.  Low and behold my friend, BJ, who I used to volunteer with at the VON SMART exercise program, had called me this morning to tell me she was available to go walking again with me.

After 7 pm she called me up and we did a 4.80 km walk in 52 minutes, burning 361 calories.  I felt much better after getting out walking.  YAY !!!

Just a reminder for those who signed up for the 52 Week Money Challenge with me this Year, this is week 27, so do not forget to put away $27.00 dollars this week !  Is everyone still in? any ideas or plans yet for your savings at the end of the Year?  I have a few ideas, one of them being a new roof for next Year (there goes the thoughts of any vacation time again).

I am a bit excited as tomorrow the 2014 Wiarton Walks "kick off" down at the Train Station in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  Cost?  FREE !  and you learn some amazing History along the way.  I have always LOVED and been intrigued by History, so this will be up my ally, not to mention how much I love walking.

I will be attending first thing tomorrow to take photos, and hope to go on the walk itself in a couple of weeks time.

I have another busy day tomorrow, so I will be calling it a day very shortly here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That's quite a key fob!

    Lexus and Bandit look cute!

  2. We had lunch at Wiarton Market today. I had a lamb sausage on a bun and Barry had the farmhand special and we split a belgian waffle with strawberries and "real" whipped cream from Miller's Dairy. Guess where I got all that? And I met Allison, what a delight that was, my granddaughters did the library reading challenge this spring with her and absolutely loved it. Then we went to DeJong Acres and picked up our trailer and took it home to pack it up so we can do some land travelling while Prowess is being fixed. She is scheduled to come out of the water on Monday and then her engine will be sent away for a rebuild (how many times can they rebuild an engine? ) Got to keep the Captain busy. so we are going to go visiting some of my relatives. Alice

  3. Further thoughts. Yes, I am still in the 52 week challenge and since we are both doing it this year, I have transferred $54.00. Wow, the money adds up much more quickly but sometimes it is hard to get the extra amount each week. However, I know what I am going to use it for - excursions on our cruise in 2015. Alice


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