Sunday, 13 July 2014

Down For The Count

Today was pretty much an eventless day through and through.  I was down for the count with exhaustion, as was my Crabby Cabbie Rob.

Poor Rob has been going 90 miles per hour since Thursday, as his right hand man driver, John, had been off for some much needed R&R & fun at the Holstein Rodeo this past weekend.  Can't blame the guy as he hasn't had a break since he started working for my Crabby Cabbie Rob just over a Year now.

It is tough owning your own business, but truly we have been blessed to have such a good driver as John, and honest as well.  Honestly goes a long way in anyone's books, does it not?  And we sure know what having a dishonest employee or two was like last Year to the tune of  one robbing us blind.  *Sad* but true.

I do not know how people sleep at night, or really have little or absolutely NO conscience at all.  And the ones that seem to get away with it.  I think if I ever tried to pull off what you hear some people have gotten away with or still get away with, I would find myself behind bars, never mind not being able to live with myself !

Oh well, such is life and always has been.

I only accomplished one thing today and that was return the Lakeside Gazebo we had purchased barely over a month ago, and what had been up and used for less then a month.  The return went painless, and the Store Manager was more then courteous, never mind that she had also been tied up with a more unpleasant matter then dealing with a return that didn't have the original packaging.

I just had our money credited, as we were not interested in having another as the zippers were plastic and weak for the netting and walls, and the canopy seams did not seem to be strong, so why chance another one.  We will try something else.

That pretty much took up my whole afternoon by the time I did the return and stopped into the Food Basic Store while I was in Owen Sound.  They had Seedless Watermelons on for $2.97, which is a heck of a lot cheaper then the $5.99 I have been paying at our local store.  I bought 3 for us, and picked up one for my neighbour.  I also picked up a few other items while in the store, nothing much though.

Late this afternoon I called a friend to go see some Australian Shepherd puppies that were not too far from us.  There were four left out of a litter of 10 (and I thought 8 was more then enough).  I petted them, said how cute they all were, and left.  Nothing jumped out at me and grabbed my heart, but truly they were all marked well and very very cute.  I have quite enough on my plate at the moment, with no extra time for anything else, never mind a new puppy to add to my stock at the moment.

I could have slept the day away if I hadn't had to return the Gazebo.  My Fibromyalgia has being flaring up this past week, and my body has been firing off pain from head to toe it seems, with my fatigue level being high and my energy level very low.  I was even too dang, dang, triple dang tired to go for a walk this evening.
It is times like this I just  have to learn to say "no" to everything, and get more behind then I already am with anything else.

I am going to be in my bed sooner then later this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The gazebo matter definitely would have taken up a great portion of your day. Get your rest.

  2. I hope you do manage to get some rest and start to feel better.

  3. I hear ya' Cindy. Mine has been in a flare too. I'm blaming that bad virus I had for jump starting it.


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